Monday, February 24, 2020

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Guard Your Mouth From Bruxism: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

We take our teeth for granted. Day to day we truly don’t think about our mouth unless we are having a problem. We use our teeth to show off our beautiful smiles, to eat, and to help in the phonetics of our speech. We just expect them to always be there for us, in full function, doing their job, and hopefully lasting the rest of our lives.

Help! My Baby’s Not Rolling

Dear Therapist,

“Our 10-month-old baby is still not rolling over. She is a happy and content baby and whenever we sit her down on the floor, she can stay in that position for long periods of time, playing and cooing. If she wants something, she starts crying and we usually give her

Just Pay Attention!

I suffer from an unusual disorder entitled prosopagnosia, or face blindness. The term comes from the Greek word for face (prosopon) and the medical term for recognition impairment (agnosia). This is a disorder where I find it impossible to recognize people, despite having seen them countless times. After living in the same community for

Saving Lives, One Kidney at a Time

Stuart Cohnen had given rides home from New York-area hospitals in the past.

An IT specialist who works in the city, Cohnen, 58, also is a volunteer for Darchei Chesed, a volunteer organization providing transportation to and from hospitals and physicians’ offices for those who can’t drive

Neuropsychological Testing: Tips for Maximizing Your Feedback Session

Neuropsychological and educational testing is key to gaining valuable information about your children’s strengths and weaknesses, learning styles and how they process information, compared to their same-age peers. Neuropsychological testing, in particular, focuses on the brain-behavior relationship linking certain skill sets to specific

A Tooth for a Tooth: Dental Implants

With the approach of our new year, this is the time that we introspect and think of new beginnings. Rebirth, change and rebuilding. So it had me thinking. It would be appropriate to write about a hot topic in dentistry. What was once a luxury and now has become a standard of care. A treatment consideration that I think is one of the most revolutionary in our

Heidi Fuchs Joins Touro College of Pharmacy

Heidi Fuchs has been appointed director of admissions, recruitment and external relations of the Touro College of Pharmacy (TCOP) in Harlem, the school announced. “We are delighted with this new appointment as we position ourselves for the future,” said Interim Dean Zvi Loewy, PhD. “As TCOP experiences accelerated growth,

Beyond ADHD: Part 3—Impulse Control Disorders

It is important when observing and diagnosing behavior in children to differentiate between aggression and hyperactivity. Hyperactivity is not synonymous with being oppositional or aggressive. Hyperactivity is a defining feature of ADHD, but aggression is not. Similarly, in Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), children are oppositional with

Connecticut Native Wins Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship

New York—David Goldgrab, a fourth-year medical student at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-Harlem (TouroCOM) has been awarded the 2015 Wellsford and Mildred Clark Memorial Scholarship.

The annual scholarship recognizes outstanding students entering their fourth year of medical school

Resolving Spine and Back Pain: Insights and Solutions

Around the world, back pain is so common that it provides occupation and income to all members of the medical and healthcare professions. Often, patients undergo a wide variety of treatments but still suffer from pain. Why do we have back pain, and what can we do to prevent it?

Some biologists argue that

Ask the Dentist: Healthy Snacks for Your Smile?

As we all slowly say goodbye to summer, and some gear up for back to school and work, it’s a good time to discuss the snacks that we choose to take with us everyday. Most of my patients expect me to tell them that they can only have carrots and celery sticks. True these are healthy, but not what we crave. In previous issues, we have

Ask the Dentist: Why Still So Many Cavities?

Not a day goes by in my office where a patient in my chair doesn’t say, “Why am I still getting cavities? I brush my teeth, and I don’t each a lot of candy!” Agreed, proper tooth brushing (flossing too) and cutting back on sweets will help prevent tooth decay and prolong the health of your teeth. There are many others

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