Friday, August 07, 2020

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Chai4ever Helps a Mother With a Life-Threatening Illness

I lay in the intensive care unit (ICU) pondering the latest devastating news and yet another autoimmune diagnosis. I have been mostly homebound now for 14 years. My son’s innocence was lost early on as he watched me struggling to breathe or to take a step over the years. There is

Two Months to Live

Stan, our conversation really made me think...

In the Parsha of “Vayeira” where the promise of a son is revealed to Sara it is stated (18:11) “Now Abraham and Sarah were old, well on in

The Cold and What We Can Learn About It to Keep Us Healthier

(With thanks to “Emergency Care in the Streets - 5th ed.” Nancy Caroline, MD (dec.), one of the original paramedic trainers in the US and later first director of Magen David Adom in Israel.)

A Thought for the New Year

A common New Year’s resolution usually has something to do with embarking on a weight-loss program or planning to make dietary changes to eat healthier. This is not so surprising after several months of holiday parties, enjoying high-calorie foods and possibly many

OHEL Offers Trauma Assistance in Wake of Brooklyn Fire

(Courtesy of OHEL) Unfortunately, a tragedy took place on the morning of December 18 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, where four members of a family died in a fire and three

How to Survive the Holidays

Be prepared; don’t be anxious about celebrating and overeating at the same time. Keep your perspective if you overeat. Life happens and it is most important to bounce back the next day. Typical holiday survival tips are as follows:

•Plan in

Children’s Health Insurance Plan: Alternative Coverage for Low-Income Families

The health of kids matters more than anything else to the parents, and this is why most children’s health insurance plans mostly focus on the speedy access to the eligible treatment and diagnosis at affordable rates. The health insurance policies for kids are meant for kids who are aged

Touro College of Dental Medicine Opens New State-of-the-Art Dental Health Facility

 (Courtesy of Touro College of Dental Medicine) A brand new 32,000-square-foot oral health facility opened in Hawthorne,

Faces of ICSN: Smiling Through Chemotherapy

(Courtesy of ICSN) In between his course of chemotherapy drips at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Yossi makes his way over to the inviting ICSN care

Dr. David and Rabbi Adam Nesenoff Open Tikvah Lake Recovery

(Courtesy of Tikvah Lake) With overdoses, substance abuse and many forms of addiction making national news, the Jewish community has not been

Treatment of Lumbar Disc Disease: Myths and Facts

“Eight out of 10 people will experience low back pain (LBP) at some point in their lives” is the introductory line of so many articles about back pain. From my experience, that number is low! A very large percent of individuals with low back pain have a problem with their

Faces of ICSN: Tali Ayal

At the age of 62, Tali Ayal, a retired educator, active volunteer and grandmother, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Now, eight years after treatment, she shares how blessed she feels to be on the other side of the helping hand that got her through the hardest four years of her

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