Saturday, July 04, 2020

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Bear Mountain Inn Is a New Choice For Glatt Kosher Weddings

The Bear Mountain Inn, a rustic lodge in the heart of Bear Mountain State Park on the west bank of the Hudson River, is now available for Glatt Kosher weddings. Mina Park, Director of Sales and Catering, said she has had many requests for kosher weddings over the years.

Dress Your Sheital Up or Down for Smachot in 2020

What better way to bring in the new year than having a fresh new hairstyle! Your new look can be achieved in so many different ways, whether its getting a new cut, changing your hair color, or simply styling your hair in a completely new way. From straight to

Dazzling Photos of Chanukah in the Holy Land

The glowing lights of the menorah must be displayed for all to see, according to the requirement of pirsumei nissa, publicizing the Chanukah miracle. Many Israelis keep boxes outside their homes for the sole purpose of displaying the menorah during Chanukah. Photographer Yehoshua HaLevi captured

Bat Mitzvah Donation Benefits SINAI’s Art Therapy Program

Sara Gans of Bergenfield, NJ recently celebrated her bat mitzvah with a paint night. She always enjoyed art and loved being able to connect the painting to her ”tashlich” theme by incorporating a waterscape into the painting. Though the theme itself added a layer of meaning to her simcha, she also wanted to find a way for her

Making Chanukah Meaningful

We love the symbols of Chanukah: bright flames on our hand-picked menorahs, dreidels to play with, latkes and sufganiyot to eat. It’s all too easy to lose the meaning behind these treasured traditions. Rabbi Ephraim Simon, director of Chabad House in Teaneck, and Rebbetzin Nechama Simon, former preschool

Officiating a Simcha in Nigeria

 When was the last time you heard of friends packing their bags and securing airline tickets to attend a bar mitzvah—in sub-Saharan Africa? Yet that’s precisely what happened six months ago, when a delegation of three left their more familiar Jewish haunts in New England to wend their way to a synagogue in the southeastern

Make an Autumn Simcha With Seasonal Touches

As the weather cools, outdoor chuppahs and barbecues transition into more indoor-focused parties. Let the choices you make reflect the beauty of the season and the personalities of the chosson and kallah or bar/bat mitzvah whose big day you are celebrating.

Party planner Deena Greenstein, LBK Events,

Dating Decisions: A YUConnects Survey

What affects the millennial’s mind? How does today’s young adult population decide whom to date? With the prevalence of online dating apps, abundant social activities and the ability to access more names than ever before, match suggestions come in from sources both far and near.  YUConnects, the popular matchmaking program serving as

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Planning?

There was a bar mitzvah in my town recently (mazal tov, Nathan!), and since my son was one of the few boys in the grade not in sleepaway camp this summer, we were able to host the few other boys who were also home. My colleague also attended a bar mitzvah that same Shabbat, one that was held at the sleepaway camp where the boy is

Emunah Annual Vacation Village Shabbat Nachamu Concert Rocks

(Courtesy of Emunah) On August 15, Shabbat Nachamu, Emunah welcomed Benny Friedman to Vacation Village who filled the room with light! It was an incredible concert attended by over 350 people to benefit Emunah’s children at risk in our five residential homes in Israel. 


American Olim Spread Joy in Israel Through Flower Donations

(Courtesy of Israel Blooms) Two American Olim—Carla Sprung, formerly of New Jersey, and Karen Levine of California—recently launched Israel Blooms, a non-profit flower donation service dedicated to bringing smiles to Israel’s needy through flowers donated after events.

The long-time

Center Circle

At Jewish celebrations, the hora is danced in a series of concentric circles, with the guests of honor typically in the center. As the circles spin round and round, guests in the outer circles angle and compete for the coveted center status. It is a chance to dance with the stars of the show and to show your jealous friends that

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