Monday, February 17, 2020

There’s been a lot of talk about mortgages lately, as first-time home buyers have enjoyed some of the lowest interest rates in years. However, current homeowners may also be able to take advantage of this economic trend through refinancing. How do you know if refinancing is right for you? Here are some factors to consider.

Historically low interest rates

As Nerdwallet noted, mortgage rates are still hovering at some of the lowest levels seen in years. That means refinancing your mortgage can result in lower payments even if the term period of the loan stays the same. This affords homeowners a unique opportunity for savings -- one that has continued even after the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates in December 2015.

Your credit score

If you’ve been in your current mortgage for some time, it’s likely certain things in your life may have changed. You may have taken a new career opportunity or been offered a promotion that increased your salary and allowed you to pay off some of your debts. Or maybe you’ve finally paid off your student loans or bought property. If your credit score has improved since you first took out your mortgage, you may qualify for better interest rates. As Bankrate reported, borrowers with higher credit scores will be offered lower rates on their mortgages. A score of 740 or higher demonstrates your excellent fiscal responsibility, and your lender will reward you with a lower interest rate.

Increased monthly savings

A lower monthly mortgage may allow for budgetary changes for homeowners, including improved financial planning. This may mean taking the savings from your reduced payments and using them to fund a vacation or an important purchase, such as a new car. However, monthly savings can also be used for long-term spending needs. As CNBC reported, many homeowners take advantage of this extra cash to build up their retirement assets by investing it in their 401K plans. Your monthly savings may also go to improvements to your home or a college fund for your children.

At The Federal Savings Bank, we understand the importance of careful financial planning throughout the course of your mortgage. To find out if you could benefit from mortgage refinancing, please call us today for a free home evaluation.

Shaun Meller has been in the mortgage lending industry since 2002, having worked for JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, and he is currently a Senior Vice President with The Federal Savings Bank. Over his tenure in the industry, Shaun has closed over $500 million in loan fundings to date. He is also a qualified New York State Real Estate Instructor, and he has taught continuing education to hundreds of real estate professionals and attorneys. He can be reached at (646)568-3626.

By Shaun Meller

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