Friday, May 29, 2020

Rabbi Feiner (right) with Alan Stahler, one of the project’s investors.

(Courtesy of Ramat Givat Zeev) Ramat Givat Zeev recently hosted Rabbi Eytan Feiner, shlita, the esteemed spiritual leader of the Five Towns community in Long Island, one of the most well-known frum kehillas in New York. After hearing that many people from his community had purchased properties in Ramat Givat Zeev, he decided to take a firsthand look at the luxurious neighborhood. Rabbi Feiner was extremely impressed with the quality of the neighborhood, lauding the beauty of the new homes and parks. He voiced his desire to see a forum of rabbis band together to provide the spiritual guidance for the neighborhood. He emphasized the importance of having strong spiritual leadership, which provides the foundation for the community’s well-being. With that in mind, he promised to help guide the founding of the Ramat Givat Zeev’s institutions.


Chish Nofei Israel was thrilled to welcome such an important leader of American Jewry to their project and praised Rabbi Feiner for his supportive stance on the growing numbers of Jews making aliyah from America.

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