Monday, January 20, 2020

Real Estate

Real Estate Scams

Real estate scams have been proliferating all over the country, and even the most astute and vigilant among us can fall prey to the scammers. From young people, seeking their first rental in Manhattan, to older folks facing foreclosure—all are potential victims. Never assume that you are too smart or too experienced to fall into a trap:

Is Now the Time to ARM Yourself?

An Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a perfect solution for borrowers who are interested in saving money with a lower interest rate. In the past, the adjustable rate mortgage was the topic of many articles. Those articles pointed out the negatives, but overlooked the positives. Proper up-front analysis is the key. Some borrowers bought

Open Houses: Worthwhile or Worthless?

They say, “Time is money”. On the surface it means time is a valuable commodity, so it’s best to do things as quickly as possible. When it comes to real estate and house-hunting, I would like to suggest that this expression means that one should spend the necessary time on things that get the best results while

How to Prep Your Bank Account to Buy a Home in 2017

This is it: 2017 is the year you will finally buy a home! But even once you’ve made the ultimate decision to make the leap into homeownership, your hard work is far from complete. Buying a home is a big commitment and costs a lot of money — and getting the mortgage you want at the best interest rate possible is enough to stress

Ask the Broker: What Is a Home Warranty? Should I Purchase It?

In the course of buying a home, sellers may offer buyers home warranties as a means of inducing or sweetening a sale. Depending upon what is specifically covered in the warranty contract, buyers of older homes may find reassurance in the promise that, should the home’s named appliances and systems fail to function, the homeowner will be

Challenge for Overseas Buyers: Apartment Registration

My relatives recently sold their apartment, and the contract signing was delayed by over a month because their identification numbers on the apartment registration were from expired passports, which had since been replaced by new passports with new passport numbers.

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Three Tips to Protect Your Home This Winter

(BPT) Cold temperatures, snow, sleet and ice can all wreak havoc on your home’s gutters, windows and gardens, but it can have even more harmful effects on exterior wooden surfaces, such as decks, siding or roof shingles. Residing in Rhode Island, Pete Flood, whose family founded the Flood wood care brand 175 years ago, knows this

Home Inspections: Licensed Professional Engineer vs. Licensed Home Inspector

Almost all purchasers of homes (and sometimes of apartments) want to have a professional evaluation of the premises. Some real estate agents refer to the process as “the engineering inspection” or simply “the home inspection” without differentiating between the two. In New York State, there are significant differences

Sellers Should Beware of Oil Tanks

OK, so what’s your excuse now? The election is past us, the new president-elect is to be sworn in on January 20, the stock market didn’t crash after all, mortgage rates are slowly increasing as predicted and spring is around the corner. So, ask yourself, why the wait? Your plans are to downsize, purchase a larger home

Your Ideal Buying and Selling Experience

As an experienced home buyer turned realtor, I have learned what buyers expect from their agents. I believe it is important to be comfortable with the agent you are working with and realize how valuable they can be in helping you find the best deal and home fit for you. Here are some pointers:

Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer

(StatePoint) You may think of your bathroom as a relaxing oasis. Unfortunately, bathrooms are actually the site of 200,000 injuries annually nationwide, according to the National Safety Council. These incidents happen to people of all ages -- from young children who may see the bathroom as a play area, to expecting women whose

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Out with the old and in with the new, but let’s not forget, goes the song we customarily sing at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. A year-end review of the good, the bad and the ugly is always fun in December. Here is 2016’s Hot List of interior design trends explained, including which ones we’d like to stick around and which

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