Monday, January 27, 2020

Real Estate

Why Switching to LED Bulbs Makes a Difference

(StatePoint) It may seem like a small detail, but the way you light your home can have a big impact on the environment and your energy bills. Indeed, widespread use of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the United States, according to government findings.

How to Build a Positive Relationship With a Contractor

My first draft of this article included a “how many contractors does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” joke as well as a comparison to dental work. My sister told me I was being too negative. Renovations are never easy and they can be made harder still if you are unsure about what to expect. However, it is possible to

Restrictive Covenants in Real Estate

Restrictive covenants are inserted into deeds and leases to real property and appear in title reports as well. They can also be created by a separate document that relates to the deed.

(Deeds are a matter of public record and can be accessed by members of the public.)

Construction Project Manager: Luxury or Necessity?

My client wanted to purchase an apartment in a particular building in Jerusalem’s lovely Talbieh community but had no interest in doing renovations. “Find me a renovated 3-bedroom apartment in this building and I’ll purchase it immediately,” was his directive. We canvassed the entire building numerous times, but

Tips for Buying and Selling a Home

What is the best way to keep my family and home safe for showings?

Realtors do their best to try and screen their clients before showings and try to make sure they are qualified. Many of us accomplished agents also know each other in the industry, so there is an element

Four Big Differences Between Renting and Homeownership

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 62.9 percent of homes are currently inhabited by their owners. This means that a majority of people would rather own than rent, which clearly draws a line between the two. So, exactly what is the difference between homeownership and renting?

Manufactured Homes Make Home Ownership Affordable

(StatePoint) If homeownership feels like it’s beyond your reach, don’t throw in the towel just yet on the American dream. In the face of an ever-widening housing affordability gap, there are options you may not have considered, say experts.

“Manufactured homes are

Babyproofing Your Home or Apartment

Congratulations! You’re about to become parents for the first time! After you’ve digested the news and told the family, uncertainty and perhaps a touch of panic set in. What must you do to make certain that your house or apartment is as safe as possible for your new arrival?

Do Underground Oil Tanks Impact a Home Sale?

At one time, many of us, especially in older homes, had an underground oil tank and thought nothing of it. It provided a well-heated home until EPA regulations made the homeowner responsible for any leakage into the soil. Since then, underground oil tanks have become a liability to both the sellers and buyers.

How to Save for Your Down Payment

As a potential homeowner, you’ll have to complete many steps before you close on your new house. One of the final hurdles is coming up with the down payment, which combined with your home loan will allow you to cover the total purchase price of the property.

If you are working on

Bat Yam: A Gentrification Case Study

A little over 10 years ago, while attending a real estate event in Manhattan, a significant developer pulled me aside and handed me a paper written by an Ivy League professor. The professor and his students in the urban planning class had gone on a field trip to Israel to study Bat Yam, a rundown suburb of Tel Aviv and

How to Buy a Home for a Multigenerational Household

When we were teenagers, many of us probably couldn’t think of anything worse than living with our parents for the rest of our lives. However, as we grow up and have our own children, we often find having our parents around isn’t bad at all. In fact, more people are choosing to live in multigenerational households, a practice

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