Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Three Tips to Refresh Your Home and Your Spirit This Spring

(BPT) Every spring, the changing season brings a desire for renewal. It’s a time of growth, transition and revitalization. The latest trend in home cleaning popularized by Marie Kondo reveals what many of us yearn for - not just decluttering, but a fresh start, a clean slate. We

The Source of Life

Mekor Chaim is a southern Jerusalem neighborhood that is surrounded by Baka to the east, Katamon to the west, the Greek Colony to the north and Talpiot to the south. It is known as a one-street neighborhood, as over 90% of its residents live on Mekor Chaim Street. I always wanted to write

Retaining Walls to the Rescue

(BPT) Segmental retaining wall (SRW) units are one of the most versatile landscaping tools in the homeowner’s and professional landscaper’s toolbox. Retaining wall units have evolved from just being used to retain soil, transition slopes and prevent erosion. Today’s SRWs can do all

Shalva Road: Jerusalem’s Magical Street

There is a magical new street in Jerusalem’s Bayit Vegan neighborhood called Shalva Road, where the sparkling new Shalva National Center is located. Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, holds a special place in my heart, as my

Getting Ready For ‘Busy’ Season 

The tax filings for this upcoming April marks the first year that the new tax laws via the Jobs Act go into effect. Much discussion and anticipation are taking place about whether this will result in a bigger refund compared to previous years. While many factors affect your tax rate and rebate, one thing you can control is proper

Top 2019 Outdoor Living Trends

(BPT) With busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, outdoor living spaces offer a chance to decompress, enjoy nature and connect with friends and family. Thanks to the impressive design and quality of today’s outdoor products, these spaces often rival the convenience, comfort and design of the indoors.

Connectivity Is King This Home-Buying Season

(BPT) The spring home-buying season is just around the corner and that means people are busy making improvements to get their homes ready to sell. These days, home upgrades are increasingly focused on one key feature: connectivity. In 2019, buyers want smart homes they can easily control from anywhere. From

The Vilna Gaon and Religious Zionism

I was walking along Rechov HaGra in the Jerusalem community of Shaarei Chesed and it reminded me of a fascinating class that I heard regarding the street’s namesake.  

When one thinks about modern Zionism, the first name that comes to mind is Theodor Herzl. However, a century before

Gambling in Las Vegas Pays Off        

I was recently in Las Vegas, “the gambling capital of the world,” and my one and only bet there played out unbelievably. Practically speaking, the odds were not in my favor, and I took a risk, but I knew that my intuition was reasonable, so I went with my gut. To clarify, I didn’t step foot into

Home Updates That Make Sense

(StatePoint) Whether you’re remodeling for a fresh take on an old style or contemplating a new build, there are choices

Tips to Spend Wisely on Household Purchases

(StatePoint) Running a household can be expensive, but experts say that there are new ways you can save big on needed items.

Mortgage Hacks for Today’s Borrowers 

These days, everyone is looking for a good deal, and they certainly deserve the best! In a competitive marketplace, everyone is trying to distinguish themselves with the best fees and service. I believe those are a given, and the best way to provide even greater value is to offer priceless guidance based on

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