Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Real Estate

Combating Illegal Construction

Ever since the founding of the state of Israel, the country has been in growth mode. Despite the seemingly endless construction nationwide—the joke is that Israel’s national bird is the “crane”—Israel has a shortage of over 100,000 apartments due to the country’s expanding population.

TABC Engineers Play Shark Tank

Mr. Tiefenbrunn’s senior engineering class presented their midterm projects this week in a Shark Tank-style competition. The senior presenters pitched their inventions to a panel of judges (the “investors”) and went through the conceptualization, design and implementation of their innovations before

Government Shutdown and the Mortgage Impact

As of this writing, the government shutdown is ongoing and has surpassed the longest in history. Though only a partial shutdown, the influence on banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders across the country is slowly starting to surface. While the consequences of a shutdown are more comprehensive than the

Great Tips for Houseguests and Hosts

(StatePoint) Whether you’re a houseguest or a host, there are easy ways to ensure that everyone enjoys their time with family and friends. Check out these tips for an easy stay:

Upgrading Your Rental Property Checklist for Landlords


Managing a rental property can become a lucrative investment for landlords if done right— but keeping tenants happy isn’t always just that easy. Between tenant screenings, home repairs, and keeping your property up to date, it can be challenging for landlords to

How to Buy on Paper

Based on reader requests, we are running a series of “how to” articles that focus on various aspects of purchasing a home in Israel.

We are involved in property sales throughout Israel, many of which

The Greatest Compliment

In business, there are many taglines that people use to differentiate themselves or to call attention. One of the more common ones for “salespeople,” especially in the real estate industry is, “Your referral is the greatest compliment.” For those not in the commission business, it’s hard to

Bring Your Home’s Wi-Fi ‘Dead Zones’ to Life

(StatePoint) Whether it’s to stream a movie from the bedroom or lock the front door using smart home technology,

Embracing the Benefits of Natural Light at Home

(BPT) With daylight saving time in full effect, sunlight can be harder to come by. According to a recent

Tips and Tactics for Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

(BPT) If you’ve been in the process of buying or selling a home this past year, or even considering it, you know

The Dawn of Modern Zionism

A few weeks ago, I visited the Pinsker Building, a famous Jerusalem apartment building located down the block from the Inbal Hotel. Its official name is the Rose Building, as it borders a lovely park called the Rose Garden; nevertheless, the moniker Pinsker Building has stuck because it is situated on Pinsker Street. With

Is Buying a Home Right for You?

StatePoint) Many millennials are buying their first homes in a marketplace that is more challenging than the one their parents encountered for their first purchase.

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