Thursday, November 21, 2019

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Transform Your Home Into an Entertaining Haven This Summer

 (StatePoint) In warm weather, everything is better done outdoors -- from eating meals to entertaining guests.

Try These Three Awesome Backyard Party Ideas

(StatePoint) Throwing a party and need an idea? With just a little planning, you can turn your ordinary backyard into anything you want it to be.

All About Private Septic Systems

Private septic systems are a natural, cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of wastewater treatment and are often found in rural areas characterized by large plots of land upon which are widely spaced houses. Thus, they are more economical and less destructive of the environment than

Approved Funding Welcomes Elena Rabinovitch


(Courtesy of Approved Funding) Approved Funding is proud to welcome Elena Rabinovitch to its corporate office. Rabinovitch

A Voice Among the Silent

Many streets across Israel are named in memory of righteous gentiles who were sympathetic to the plight of Jews and stood up to anti-Semitism or supported the establishment of the state of Israel.

How Does New York City Deal With Gas Leaks?

A few days ago, my dog and I arrived home from an hour-long walk to find New York City Fire Department trucks in front of my neighbor’s house, two houses north of mine. The sidewalk had been opened and several workers were examining the gas supply lines below it. Several days later, the work having

Simple Steps for Smart Storage and Easy Moves

(StatePoint) Did you know 66 percent of Americans have difficulty finding things in household storage? And more than

Time Is of the Essence for Buyers and Sellers

As if it is defying logic and all sensible projections, the housing market continues its ascent higher with each passing month. As I have been broadcasting for quite some time, the lack of available houses in the marketplace has been causing severe competition and pushing pricing higher despite

What Do New York City Renters and Buyers Want in an Apartment? StreetEasy Has Some Answers

In an online article on March 30, 2018, Ian Port of StreetEasy published lists of buyers’ and sellers’ ten most wanted amenities in the New York City market in the six months prior to March 30th. Of interest to Riverdalians is just how typical or atypical our market is as compared to the New York

Innovative New Looks for Your Kitchen Renovation

(StatePoint) Renovating your kitchen? Think about making updates that will add beauty and functionality to one of the most important rooms in the house. Here are a few

The Most Common Causes of Homeowners Insurance Claims

(BPT) The value of homeowners insurance is often thrust into the national spotlight when natural

Women on the Jerusalem Roadmap

Throughout the nation’s capital, streets are named for women spanning many time periods and walks of life.

Baka has the largest percentage of streets named after women. They include such

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