Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Lead-Based Paint in Houses and Apartments

For many years, lead was a common additive in paint, gasoline, certain ethnic medicines, pottery glaze, lead crystal, lead figures, storage batteries, kohl or kajal eyeliners, jewelry and porcelain, so it may still exist on your premises. Food kept in lead crystal

The State of Jerusalem Real Estate

Over the past few months, numerous articles have been written analyzing recent Jerusalem real estate sales data. Curiously, there has been a lack of agreement regarding how to interpret the statistics.

A recent

What Kind of Borrower Are You?

By Carl Edward Guzman

Mortgage lenders always look at work history, credit score and source of down payment funds. The required financial documentation will be different depending on the type of borrower you are.

Ask the Broker: Is Your Home in Danger of Foreclosure? Then Read This!

One of the cruelest scams perpetrated by greedy and unscrupulous people is to kick other people when they are down. Thousands of New Yorkers who are in danger of losing their homes through foreclosure have been preyed upon by foreclosure relief companies and attorneys who tout foreclosure rescue

How to Avoid Cold Weather Woes at Home

(BPT)  As sweater season knocks on the door, it’s time to prepare for the brisk temperatures ahead. This winter, keep your home, health and well-being top of

Eight Tips for the First-Time Home Builder

Building your own home can be fun, exciting, definitely anxiety-producing, but an incredibly rewarding experience. You decide on what you want in a living space, create floorplans suited to your needs and turn it into reality.

Beautiful Women’s Mikvah Being Built at Ramat Givat Zeev

(Courtesy of Ramat Givat Zeev) A beautiful women’s mikvah is now being constructed for the residents of the new Ramat

What Impact Could Wind Farms in NY State Have on Residential Property and on the Environment?

The headline was exciting: Governor Cuomo aims to generate one-half of New York State’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2030! On January 25, 2017, The New York Times reported that the United States’ largest offshore wind farm will be built off Long Island,

Doing Little Saves Much (Time and Money)

Although getting a residential mortgage seems like no big deal, anyone who has ever applied for a mortgage knows that the paperwork involved can snowball into a mountain. My company’s practice is to detail what is needed up front in order to minimize any request for documentation during the process.

What Is the Current State of the Mitchell-Lama Program for Middle Class New Yorkers?

The incumbent mayor of the City of New York has devoted much attention to the provision of affordable housing for the city’s middle class. But long before he arrived on the scene, New York State had enacted the Mitchell-Lama program to provide affordable housing for the

Variances: Amateur Radio Installations Create a Special Zoning Situation

Part II

Let’s suppose that you awoke one morning to find a radio tower and antenna rising within sight of your bedroom window and that you had had no advance warning of its construction.

Pedestrian Scramble: A Glimpse Into King George Street

Twenty-five years later, after the state of Israel was created, there was a movement to change its name to King David Street. Israel’s president Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi successfully campaigned to retain the original name, reminding government officials that

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