Thursday, November 21, 2019

Real Estate

The Facade Inspection Safety Program: Toward a Safer New York City

Thirty-eight years ago, a Barnard College student named Grace Gold was hit and killed by a terra cotta masonry object that fell from the façade of a building at 115th Street and Broadway. The tragic end to Grace’s life was the impetus for the 1980 passage of New York City Local Law 10, which

New York City Doormen (and Ladies): An Appreciation

In my dealings as a real estate broker, and in the entirety of my life in Manhattan, I have interacted with many doormen. No matter their personal feelings, most of them present as amiable and efficient workers. To some New Yorkers, they are the almost-unnoticed

Dominate Spring: Five Easy Steps to Wake up Your Lawn

(BPT) There are a lot of things people miss during the winter - flip-flops, shorts and warm sunshine. But one of the things homeowners miss the most

An Introduction to Co-Housing 

Americans, many of whom need and are ready to embrace non-traditional housing concepts, have nonetheless been slow to invest in housing solutions that are commonplace in other countries. One such innovation, called co-housing, began in the 1960s in

Don’t Re-Roof Until You Do These Five Things

(BPT) With spring officially arriving soon, home improvement season is swinging into full gear. Fair warning to homeowners looking to hire a

How Shabbat Elevators Impact Real Estate Transactions

 It is said that all real estate markets are local, and indeed the Sabbath-observant are a very important part of our area’s market.

There is an eruv in Riverdale; that said, we begin with proximity to shul as I always ask the observant how far they are willing to walk to their shul(s)

Paying Extra for Your Mortgage

Much of why mortgage rates have gone up is due to the anticipated rise in inflation. There are certainly other variables, but most bond and finance experts attribute a lot of the recent volatility to inflation pressures. As a reminder, the Federal

How Much Home Can You Afford This Spring?

(StatePoint) The chicken or the egg? Which came first continues to fuel philosophical debates. But when it comes to buying a home, experts are pretty

ACOA (A Country of Acronyms)

When I made aliyah back in 2003, I understood that I had to hone my Hebrew-language skills. Little did I know, however, that there is another important language in Israel, which is much harder than Hebrew, called “acronyms.” Many phrases are abbreviated and used in all

Tips to Protect Birds in Your Yard and Garden

(StatePoint) One of the best parts of backyard living in the warmer months is all the potential for bird watching that comes with it. You may have

Asbestos in Roofs, Roofing Materials and In the Home

Asbestos is a naturally occurring stone-based collection of materials that was widely used in roofing and in other exterior and interior building materials. Once touted as a miraculous solution to assorted construction drawbacks and difficulties, asbestos has proven to be

Taking All the Credit

I am far from a credit-scoring expert, but I have learned a few tricks over the years that have come in very handy for my clients from time to time. In the mortgage world, as you can imagine, credit is everything. Granted, someone with a credit rating

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