Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Real Estate

All Home Warranties Are Not Created Equal

(BPT) Having a home warranty is a smart way to help deal with the inevitable home repair problems that all property owners face at one point or another.

What Kind of House Can Survive a Tornado?

The horrific destruction visited upon Florida, Texas and islands of the Caribbean during the current hurricane season eradicated thousands of homes. Thus, the question arises: Is there an architectural design that enables houses to survive hurricanes and tornados? The answer appears to be the

Three Considerations When Choosing Your Next Garage Door

(BPT) If you’re buying a garage door this fall, you’ll be faced with several decisions that you likely never had to make before. Before you call

Bring Warmth Home This Fall

(StatePoint) With the shorter days and cooler nights of fall can come the urge to hibernate. But first prepare yourself and your home for the season with these

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

We recently marketed an apartment in Jerusalem’s Greek Colony. After three families made similar initial proposals, one buyer raised his bid and the owner accepted his revised offer. While the lawyers were revising the contract and the buyer was completing his due diligence, another potential

American Buyers Spur Record-Breaking Sales at Ramat Givat Zeev Project

(Courtesy of Ramat Gan Zeev) The upscale Ramat Givat Zeev project, located just outside Jerusalem, continues to spur record-breaking sales from buyers, many of them new and

Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals in New York City

Most Airbnb rentals are illegal in New York City and have been made so by legislation supported by the combined efforts of the hotel industry and affordable housing advocates. In addition, residents of co-ops, condos and rental buildings oppose the presence on their premises of short-term (less than 30

What to Know Before Buying a Fixer Upper

Shopping for a home can feel like you are on a roller coaster. The longer you look, the more likely you are to find properties that look like they could be a good deal—houses you could turn into a home. The lower the price, the more likely you are looking at a

You, Your Home and the Rainstorms of Summer

Each season of the year brings different challenges for homeowners to face. Some of the most common in our area are provided by summer rainstorms. Thunderstorms can be especially dangerous to humans and pets and may cause significant property damage. Rainstorms may result in the loss of electric

Investing in Israel Real Estate

Two clients recently asked us to help them purchase an investment apartment in Israel. Liat lives in Israel and wanted to buy a small Jerusalem apartment for her children, which they could flip in a few years to acquire a larger home in a less expensive community. Jonathan wanted to get a

Latest Deck Trend: ‘Monster’ Size, Mega-Luxury

(BPT) – Move over mini – the new trend in decking is anything but small.

When it comes to the size of their decks, the majority of Americans feel bigger is

A Room-by-Room Guide to Decluttering Your Home

(BPT) Controlling clutter in your home can be a challenge; 48 percent of Americans say their houses are cluttered with stuff they don’t use anymore, according to a survey by ClearVoice Research. Multiple studies have found a cluttered home can negatively affect your mental and

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