Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Extra! Extra! WTA Kitah Alef Students Produce Their Own Newspaper

First graders at Westchester Torah Academy have spent time this year learning about newspapers, different sections in a newspaper, newspaper articles and how a newspaper is produced. Each student chose a section that appealed to them and wrote an article for that section. Children spent time handwriting their

Bi-Cultural Students Win First Place at Engineering Competition

A team of students from Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy-Upper School was awarded first prize in the seventh annual CIJE (Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education) Innovation Day competition, held Sunday, May 19, at Bell Works in Holmdel, New Jersey.

The Bi-Cultural high school sophomores—Ben

WDS Wins Talmud Israeli Challenge

WDS students went undefeated to win both the boys and girls Talmud Israeli Challenge. Gavi Tropper and Maya Tratt won the individual competitions. Mazal tov!

KDS Seventh and Eighth Graders Hold First-Ever Chesed Fair

As a culmination of the first year of the CHEMDAT program at Kinneret, seventh and eighth graders participated in the first ever Chesed Fair. All students conceived of, initiated and implemented a chesed project during the year. From book sharing with needy youth, to Israel advocacy, students gave back and shared their

WDS Hebrew News Is Brought to Life in Sixth Grade

Morah Milka’s sixth grade Hebrew class got into character as newscasters to create news segments derived from Israel’s history! Each group of students was assigned a year in history to explore and create a news piece about. The groups then researched the politics, economic issues, wars and pop culture events

WDS Classes Unite to Decorate for Israeli Day Parade

Students at WDS worked hard creating posters for the Israeli Day Parade! Students in ganon, second grade and sixth and seventh grades have been working hard on preparations for the parade. Teachers enjoyed the solitude of painting as well. Thank you to everyone who came together to help and paint squares!

Kinneret Moot Beit Din Places Third in Coastal Competition

Kinneret’s Moot Beit Din Debate team participated in the annual competition with Los Angeles area schools. This year’s team learned about practical applications of Torah values as they spent six months preparing for the competition.

Stein Yeshiva Boys Take Lag BaOmer Trip

Stein Yeshiva elementary boys enjoy a field day at Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers celebrating Lag BaOmer. Coach Jeff Greenwald led the boys in exciting sport games of soccer and baseball. Everyone, including the rebbes, had a chance to hone their skills in this fun Lag BaOmer outing.

WTA Marches in Celebrate Israel Parade

WDS Holds ELA Middle School Cereal Box Competition

Do you need some recommendations for summer reading? The sixth and seventh grade students are the ones to ask! This week, students completed and shared a month-long independent fiction project which took the shape of “cereal boxes” that brought literature to life! Each student read a novel from among the

Torah Tots Learn About Shavuot at Westchester Torah Academy

In preparation for Shavuot, early childhood students at WTA have been learning the story of Matan Torah in their classrooms. As a culminating activity, each class had the opportunity to learn about a Torah scroll with the Rav Beit HaSefer. Students learned that the Torah is written on a klaf (parchment), that we

MTA Enjoys Lag BaOmer

The entire MTA yeshiva celebrated Lag BaOmer with an incredible day of sports and activities at Camp Merockdim! From softball, basketball, hockey and soccer to volleyball, flag football, tennis, ultimate frisbee, karate and crafts, there was truly something for everyone. Talmidim also enjoyed shiurim from their