Sunday, March 24, 2019

The yeladim of kitah 2N cooked, counted, celebrated and shared, all inspired by the beautiful narratives of the parsha.

Just as Avraham Avinu loved to have guests in his home, so too, the 2 year olds were overjoyed to welcome in the threes class to their kitah. In preparation of the visit, the yeladim prepared apples baked with cinnamon. Frist, the yeladim helped count up the slices and seeds together out loud as morahs cut up the apples. The children then took turns shaking and sprinkling cinnamon spice on top of the cut up slices. They could not wait to share the homemade treats with their special guests. After the baking process, the morahs pointed out that the apples had changed in shape and texture and were no longer hard and crisp but gooey and soft. 

Back in the classroom, the yeladim learned about the three angels who visited Avraham’s tent and were his special guests. The yeladim talked about having guests in their home for Shabbat, too, or going out as a guest. The yeladim said “boreh pri haetz” aloud together and dug in! The baked apples with cinnamon were delicious! The yeladim continued to practice the special mitzvah of hachnasat orchim all week long as they played in the classroom tent and practiced saying and singing “Bruchim HaBaim” to their friends in and around the classroom.

Learning about Avraham’s tent and his special guests was the perfect opportunity for the children to broaden their knowledge in both science, through cooking, and in math, through art and sensory play.

Throughout the week’s activities, the yeladim focused on the basic shape of a tent, a triangle, and the number three. Using colorful playdough, the yeladim made triangle shapes and counted out the three different sides as they sculpted and played. What fun!

In art, the yeladim painted backdrops of beautiful blue sky and decorated their own ohel on paper using colorful cut outs made out of, you guessed it, triangles! The yeladim cannot wait to see the finished artwork with their ohel pictures inside!

Using their findings from their nature walk, the yeladim sorted pine cones, acorn nuts, leaves and twigs into groupings of three. Together with their morahs during morning tefillah, the yeladim practiced counting to “shalosh” in Hebrew as they placed three pennies into the tzedakah box. 

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