Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What a miracle! This year’s Chanukah holiday gifted us with six full days of school—a unique opportunity for celebration. For Kinneret Day School’s CHEMDAT students, this was a beautiful opportunity to bring the miracle of chesed—kindness and service—to the halls of the school. CHEMDAT, a new class taught by teacher Yali Szulanski, emphasizes a deeper study of Jewish life and practices, encourages students to reflect on their own experience as Jewish young adults, and connect it to halacha and tefillah. As part of their study of Chanukah, the students were given the opportunity to bring some light to the halls of the school. The students took to the project immediately—many of them finding opportunities to help and honor members of the school community that often go under appreciated. This week, projects included helping the maintenance staff clean up the lunch room, helping the art teacher tidy the art room by putting all supplies away and mopping the floors, reading stories to the nursery, pre-k and first grade classrooms, bringing milk and cookies to younger grades, bringing treats to the office staff, buying the security guard a donut and coffee and helping a bus driver by sitting with children who are anxious on the bus. The students then reflected on their experience, notably and overwhelmingly reported feeling that they have the power to make meaningful contributions to their community and a feeling of “warmth and goodness inside.”


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