Friday, August 23, 2019

The first graders of WDS received their own siddurim last Friday at Chag HaSiddur. In first grade, students are learning the mechanics and meaning of the tefillot and are beginning to form their own connections with tefillah and Hashem. At Chag HaSiddur, the students put on a beautiful play about tefillah and how it connects us to previous generations, as well as to Jews around the world. The students sang and danced with gusto at the performance. They will now use these siddurim to daven every day. WDS hopes the excitement and joy they felt on Friday will stay with them throughout their lives. Compounding the meaning of the day was the knowledge that these first graders donated siddurim to the Ilan Ramon Day School in Agoura Hills, California whose siddurim were unavailable due to the Woolsey Fires. In this way, students were able to combine a mitzvah bein adam l’Makom with a mitzvah bein adam l’chaveiro. It was an unforgettable experience!

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