Friday, August 23, 2019

As part of the “Better Together” partnership, Kinneret sixth grade students visit their neighbors across the hall, the seniors of the Riverdale Senior Center. Over five sessions, the students and seniors get to know each other through creative projects, discussions and writing exercises. This week, the students listened to “their” senior share a historically significant event that they witnessed, and the seniors heard the students talk about how the world impacts them today. The students were fascinated to hear about the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War and stories about women’s’ rights and several important movements throughout recent history. Afterwards, the seniors and the students teamed up to write six word memoirs—either about a historically significant event, or about their own life. A few favorites were “You are a human, so deal,” “Turn off your phone, now please” and “Believed we were all created equal.” The students and seniors are both looking forward to their next visit!

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