Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Color war at MTA gave each and every talmid an opportunity to showcase their strengths and contribute to the fantastic energy. From Chidon HaTanach to grade-wide dodgeball, basketball, hockey, frisbee and soccer tournaments, chess competition, Chopped, STEM challenge, extreme Tic-Tac-Toe, Torah Bowl, yeshiva-wide tug-of-war, banner presentations, Divrei Torah, team songs and Stomp, there was something for everyone. Regardless of the wide range of activities, each day began with shiur, illustrating the yeshiva’s philosophy of putting Torah learning first.

 Talmidim had many opportunities to take on leadership roles within their teams and promote the extreme sense of unity that was felt throughout color war. Rebbeim and faculty members enjoyed working with their assigned teams and contributing to the energetic atmosphere. “Watching each grade work together as a team and seeing the achdus among all of the talmidim, regardless of whether or not they were competing against each other, was inspiring,” said Director of Student Activities Elie Hirt. “Congratulations to the seniors on their win and yasher koach to all of our talmidim for making us so proud!”

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