Friday, June 05, 2020

This past week under the leadership of music teacher Harriet Zitter, RYNJ hosted its annual music recital. Thirty-five students performed on various instruments including guitar, violin, cello, flute, saxophone, drums, tabuka, keyboard and piano. Some students have been performing for many years and it is truly exciting to see the progress they have made. The performers included representatives from all the grades:

Yehuda Erdfarb, Yerachmiel Birnbaum, Gavriel Glass, Shuey and Gavriel Glass (duet), Asher Shapiro, Yonatan Mogilensky, Eli Mogilensky, Chaim Jacobson, Adam Edelman, Judah Vogel, Asher Cooper, Avraham Chaim Guelfguat, Abie Chouake, Levy Royzenberg, Levi Rusanov, Moshe Rosenbluth (accompanied by his father), Gila Rosman, Nava Kanarek, Anaella Inzlicht and Mikaella Inzlicht (duet), Michaela Royzenberg, Michaela and Levi Royzenberg (duet), Dalya Pachter, Ayelet Burg, Sophie Knapp, Rose Mogilensky, Aliza Simon, Sarah Gulkowitz, Menucha Shaffren, Shayna Eizikovitz, Chana Aspir, Emunah Aspir, Tzipporah Chouake, Russie Iserovich, Atara Gamms and Sarah Fried.

Yes—RYNJ has definitely got talent.

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