Wednesday, February 19, 2020

This year’s theme at WDS is humility and eighth grader Yaffa Weitzman embodies this virtue beautifully! She recently planned, publicized and managed a school-wide snack drive to benefit the local immigrant community in Mamaroneck. Weitzman visited the Hispanic Resource Center and met with their director to research the hardships faced by immigrants while they are paving new lives for themselves and their families. In order to learn a new language and gain new job skills, immigrants often work long day jobs and then go straight to the center for evening classes. Many don’t eat dinner until late in the evening. The center provides snacks for these individuals, making their day a little easier. Remembering her own family’s immigrant roots, Weitzman  describes helping others as “her calling in life.” The success of her snack drive is the only reward she really sought, making her a tremendous model of humility for the entire community. Kol hakavod, Yaffa!

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