Sunday, April 05, 2020

After investigating and exploring the mitzvot and minhagim of Purim and learning the story of the Megilla, the children of the Stein Yeshiva early childhood were treated to an extra special treat: a surprise visit by the characters of the Purim story!

King Achashverosh was friendly and silly and passed out gold gelt to all of the sweet children. Queen Esther danced and sang along to Purim songs with the children. The yeladim promised to keep her secret and not tell the king!

Haman was not a friendly visitor. He commanded that all of the children and teachers bow down to him and hand over all of the classroom toys. The yeladim of course responded, “No, no, no!” The yeladim told Haman to leave and never come back!

The yeladim all davened together with Esther that Hashem hear the tefillot of the Jewish people and send the bad Haman away for good and keep the Jewish people of Shushan safe!

The yeladim had a wonderful time celebrating in school on Shushan Purim at the school wide Purim carnival!

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