Sunday, April 05, 2020

Sixth grade social studies classes completed a unit on Africa. Students explored ancient African history, government, geography, culture, the slave trade, Apartheid, the Rwandan Genocide and much more. Miss Roode taught her students an African dance that she choreographed and some sixth graders also decorated African masks.

To end the Africa unit, the Prince of Swaziland (a country in southern Africa) visited the sixth graders and spoke about his country. The prince brought a water jug and some clothing and beaded necklaces that he wears as part of his traditional attire in Swaziland. He made connections to various topics that the students had learned about in social studies class. He described Swaziland’s role in helping to end Apartheid and he shared a powerful saying from his grandfather who was a former king. He explained that his grandfather would say, “In order to make beautiful music, a piano needs both the black and white keys.” The prince further explained how Swaziland’s flag illustrates this idea of integration and harmony.

Miss Roode would like to thank the Kirschenbaums for contacting the Prince of Swaziland and arranging for him to come to speak to the sixth grade classes.


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