Sunday, April 05, 2020

The children of the Early Childhood at Stein Yeshiva are hard at work preparing for Pesach. The children took a break from working on their haggadahs and took a trip over to the Stein Yeshiva Matzah Factory.

Led by the 4 and 5 year old head “bakers,” the yeladim were split up into different factory stations, including kneading the matzah play dough, rolling the matzah dough flat with rollers, adding holes and, last but not least, baking. The “bakers” were given the added task of carefully watching the minutes on their timers. Everyone helped the bakers count aloud the 18 minutes (errr, rather seconds) and cheered “hooray!”when the matzah came out right on time.

The children were treated to real matzah baking the following week, with Rabbi Deitsch from the Chabad of Bronxville. The children learned about the real process of creating matzah flour and helped Rabbi Deitsch every step of the way.

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