Wednesday, January 22, 2020

MTA talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s freshman shiur have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to not only be mesayem the entire Masechet Megilla, but to also do chazara on each daf at least four times. As part of this unique initiative, the entire shiur was invited to participate in a very special event, held on Thursday, April 11, and sponsored by V’haarev Na, an organization that encourages experiencing the sweetness of Torah through constant chazara. Seven current sophomore talmidim, who were in Rabbi Danto’s shiur and participated in the event last year, joined in this year’s celebration as well, where they made a siyum on the completion of another round of intense chazara on Masechet Taanis. The program included a learning seder with more than 800 talmidim and divrei Torah from Rabbi Yissocher Frand, followed by dancing and singing in celebration of their great accomplishments in Torah learning so far this year. The evening concluded with a festive seuda and lively kumzitz. Rabbi Danto’s talmidim were uplifted and inspired by this incredible event, which renewed their excitement for limud Torah and intense chazara.

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