Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Kinneret Day School is building a tree! You read that right! Kinneret Day School’s unique after-school program where children study and play parts in a Shakespearean play is building a tree for the forest set! Last year, these talented children played in “Macbeth.” This year, they are doing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The Kinneret Shakespeare Society (KSS) currently has 20 student members who are working together to design a tree for this year’s stage production, which takes place in a forest outside of ancient Athens in Greece. Made of recycled boxes, brown packing paper, paper towel rolls and great buckets full of paper mache, the team works in shifts of four students each to create a bark-like cover over the boxes. The cast uses a mixture of glue, water and flour to keep the paper mache on. Thus, they are really “going green” in Shakespeare’s forest. Inspired by the fairy queen Titania’s line, “The seasons, the winds, in revenge, have suffered from our distemper” (Act II, sc.1), Mrs. Israel’s design incorporates each facade of the tree to feature a different season to represent how out of sync the seasons have become because the king and queen of the fairy realm are fighting. 

Sixth grade student Lilly Halperin is the lead engineer, coordinating the design of the tree. The cast alternates between reciting their lines and working on the rough exterior of the tree. The cast had to use their engineering skills to get the right tree height and width to get the tree out of the art room door when it is completed. It’s been a real hands-on experience! Kinneret Shakespeare Society looks forward to presenting their comedic production for two performances on June 6, one during the school day for the school, and another performance in evening for parents, friends and family. There will be a performance for the school in the morning and community wide performance in the evening. The cast has some very funny costumes, makeup and hair design, such as Puck wearing a mohawk with green hair to blend the mischievous character into the forestry. The team has made many suggestions on how to make the show more ridiculous, and it has really been a collaborative process.The plan is to make the show so funny, that it will long be remembered!

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