Friday, August 07, 2020


The children of the 4 year nursery at Stein Yeshiva early childhood are continuing their year long STEM learning by exploring bridges! The children are reading up on the names and features of well known bridges including, the GW Bridge, London Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. The children also learned about a walking bridge built by the father of Stein Yeshiva administrator, Sharon Pollack, called the East Harlem Bridge! How cool! As part of the unit, the children are brainstorming questions to ask Pollack, such as, “How did your father construct the bridge?” and “What exactly does an architect do?”

To demonstrate the science and engineering behind a bridge, the children are building their very own trellis bridge using raw spaghetti! The raw pasta was so strong it could hold up a heavy wooden block! Now, that’s amazing!

The students are singing and playacting “London Bridges,” contorting and twisting their bodies into a “drawbridge,” watching time lapse video of the construction of the new Mario Cuomo Bridge. Additionally, the yeladim are creating beautiful painted landscapes of their favorite bridge of their choosing.

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