Monday, August 03, 2020

Despite the school year being over, close to 100 TABC students piled into their yeshiva on Shabbat afternoon, June 15, for an end-of-year seuda shelishit. After davening Mincha together in the beit midrash, students were able to select from the various shiurim being given by TABC rebbeim. After learning together, the program continued with a seuda shelishit catered by 8th Day Caterers in the Storm Cafe. The gathering enabled TABC students to unite one last time to eat, learn and sing together before the summer break. In addition to delicious food and beautiful zemirot, students enjoyed a dvar Torah and speech by graduate Eli Schloss. Schloss reflected on his TABC experience and encouraged the younger students to get as involved as possible in the TABC opportunities out of the classroom. The program ended with a beautiful Havdala led by Ben Antosofsky. It is truly inspiring to see how many talmidim feel so connected to their school well after the final bell of the school year has rung.

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