Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Middle schoolers at WTA had the great privilege of learning from Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, popularly known as Rabbi G. Through his organization, Kids Kicking Cancer, Rabbi G is well-known for using martial arts and meditation techniques to awaken an inner power in children who are battling serious illness. In addition to helping children by teaching them physical healing techniques, Rabbi G and his organization give spiritual chizuk by showing the children that they are not alone. Through a video project sponsored by the organization, students from across the globe send in videos of themselves practicing Rabbi G’s power; peace, purpose,  technique and the videos are then shared with children who find comfort and healing in their hopeful message of friendship and solidarity.

Inside the WTA beit midrash, Rabbi G taught students the mantra of power, peace, purpose — and demonstrated how to harness chi energy through mindful breathing. Students were instructed that whenever they feel stressed, they should breathe in the light of HaKadosh Baruch Hu (power) and blow out the darkness (peace). Their purpose is then to share this energizing and calming technique with parents and friends, so that more people may benefit from learning how to heal themselves. Rabbi G also pointed out the similarity between the words נשימה and נשמה as a reminder that when we inhale, it’s not just a breath (נשימה); what we take in becomes a part of our soul (נשמה). What a beautiful reminder to take the light of Hashem into our souls with every breath!

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