Friday, August 07, 2020

In ancient times, libraries were often treated with a reverence akin to that shown to temples. Even today, most of us can remember at least one instance of feeling a sense of awe when walking into a beautiful, quiet space surrounded by thousands of books. To ensure that all Carmel students are able to savor this unique experience within their school environment, Carmel Academy has just opened an expanded lending library. “There is something so special about being in a calm space surrounded by books, by ideas, by dreams,” noted Nora Anderson, Carmel Academy head of school. “Having a new library is also a natural evolution for our school, reinforcing our educational philosophy that we should teach students to be writers and consider themselves authors.”


Thanks in part to a multi-year commitment recently received by Carmel Academy, the plan was put in place last spring to open the expanded library by the start of this school year. “Carmel has a long history of possessing tremendous classroom libraries,” noted Lisa Corner, the director of educational resources. “Now not only will Carmel continue to have extensive classroom libraries, but also a wonderful main library. Our goal was to create a space for reading groups, places to read individually, room to do work, and an environment in which to re-center and find inspiration.”

The library currently has over two thousand titles, with the goal of adding steadily to the collection and doubling it in the next two years. The official community opening of the library took place during the Carmel Reads Together event on September 23. At Carmel Reads Together, Carmel welcomed all interested families from the area to join together in a celebration of reading, including author readings, Q&A, and book signings by noted children’s authors Yona Zeldis McDonough and Carmel Academy alum parent Stacy Barnett Mozer.

“There is something purely magical about a library,” said Dr. Michele Slifka, president of the Board of Trustees at Carmel Academy. “Simply sharing a space with all of the creative output of so many wonderful authors is always awe-inspiring to me. It opens the mind, daring one to think big and explore, and every book feels like a new adventure waiting to happen.”

To learn more about the library and ongoing reading and literacy events at Carmel Academy, please contact Danielle Cohen at (203) 983-3503, or visit

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