Thursday, June 04, 2020

On February 11, MTA had the privilege of having Dr. Cenk Sumen address the Honors College and Applied Science club regarding cell therapy. Dr. Sumen works for a company called Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT), which works on healing people through the use of varying cell therapies.

Before delving into his lecture, Dr. Sumen provided some background on how substances travel throughout the human body, how cells interact with one another, and how the human body’s immune system works. Then things got very interesting. Dr. Sumen relayed to the students the fascinating details in which T-Cells, which kill bad foreign substances that are in the human body, are removed from the human body unharmed, cultivated, and then released back into a human body a hundred-fold. This process multiplies T-Cells to be able to kill substances, including cancers, that are harmful to our bodies. Another name for this process of multiplying T-Cells and inserting them back into a person’s body is “Cell Therapy.” This therapy was successfully applied in England where 90% of the patients had complete remissions from the cancers where other drugs had failed.

By Yehuda Weschler

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