Thursday, July 09, 2020

(Credit Alex Neugroschl)

TABC instills in all of its talmidim the critical importance of engaging in acts of chesed. The students recently had two  opportunities to put that ideal into action. First, a group went on a chesed trip to Baltimore where they prepared, served and cleaned up lunch in a homeless shelter. They then returned to  New Jersey, where they heard from Dr. Joe and Lori Rozehzadeh, the founders of the bikur cholim house near Kessler, a rehab facility. Afterwards the group sang and danced with the patients in Kessler.

On junior chesed talmidim were sent to three different locations. One group helped pack meals in the Masbia soup kitchen. The students were amazed when people started lining up outside an hour before the distribution time. Many of the them thanked the TABC group for their work on behalf of the recipients. Another  group visited the Alzheimer’s unit in the JCC on the Palisades, where they sang, danced and played games with the patients there. The students had the opportunity to talk to the residents and learn from their life experiences. The third group packed Shabbos-in-a-Box packages for Chesed 24/7, an organization that provides kosher food for patients and their relatives who are staying in hospitals. Working together in near perfect harmony, the group managed to prepare 400 boxes for Pesach.

All of the groups gained  an appreciation for how fortunate they are and  a heightened sensitivity towards the needs of others.

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