Monday, July 13, 2020

Rabbi Noson Labovitz

Stein Yeshiva is pleased to welcome Rabbi Noson Labovitz as Associate Principal. Rabbi Labovitz received his semicha and a BTL from Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood and an MTL from Toras Simcha Institute, Jerusalem, Israel. He comes to the yeshiva with a rich experience in teaching and curriculum development. In addition to his duties as Associate Principal, Rabbi Labovitz will be teaching limudei kodesh subjects in the elementary school. He is a warm and energetic mechanech who works tirelessly to facilitate the success of every student and to deepen their connection to Torah and Yiddishkeit.

Every day Rabbi Labovitz makes the long drive from Lakewood to Stein Yeshiva in Yonkers. You might meet him in the morning minyanim in Riverdale, New Rochelle, or Scarsdale. What would promote such mesiras nefesh? “I am so impressed with Rabbi Cherns’ approach to chinuch and the mission of Stein Yeshiva,” Rabbi Labovitz said, “that the drive is well worth it! While Stein Yeshiva teaches the students how to learn not just what to learn, there is also a tremendous focus on the individual student. What do I mean by this? Every child is unique with individual strengths and areas where they need to grow. Stein Yeshiva looks deeply at what each child needs to achieve their true potential so that they walk out of class feeling confident.”

“But more than that, at Stein Yeshiva we discuss the reasons behind the mitzvos so that the children have a positive and happy feeling towards living a Torah life. Torah is presented as inspiring and empowering. We discuss a Jewish approach to contemporary issues so that the students see how the Torah applies to the world. With so many young people across all sections of our community having issues with their Judaism, I can’t stress enough the importance of this solid foundation. From the Menahel, Rabbi Cherns, through the administration, all the way to the daycare educators, the staff at Stein Yeshiva is totally dedicated to each and every child. I am proud to be part of such a team.”

Stein Yeshiva has classes for students in daycare, early childhood, and grades 1-8. As well as early care and after care for working parents. Its mission is to provide an affordable Jewish education with a standard of educational excellence. The yeshiva is inclusive of all Jewish children who sincerely want to learn in a yeshiva. Stein Yeshiva can be reached at 914-965-7082.

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