Monday, July 13, 2020

On Sunday morning, October 9th, hundreds traveled through the rain to participate in a special Aseres Y’mei Teshuvah themed Abraham and Millie Arbesfeld Kollel and Midreshet Yom Rishon that was held in partnership with YU’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) and boys high school (MTA), which is celebrating its Centennial Year. In addition to the guests from the various communities, MTA students were also able to benefit from the unique program.

After an introduction from the David Mitzner Dean Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, MTA Head of School Rabbi Josh Kahn spoke briefly to talk about the continuity of Torah. A short video focusing on the central theme that Torah has played at MTA over its long history was played and then SBMP Rebbe and Mashgiach Ruchani Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg delighted the crowd with his theme of “Teshuvah: A Return to Normalcy,” explaining that Teshuvah is not supposed to be a challenge; it seems difficult at first, but can and will get easier once started. After a short break, noted scholar and YU Professor Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter spoke on the theme of “God, Torah, and the Jewish People: Reflecting on the Yamim Noraim;” he posed unique questions related to Teshuva and explained how it’s important that we connect and embrace the Teshuva process and how the day of Yom Kippur has the ability to cleanse.

The program was a wonderful way to head into the new year, a monumental and historical year for the university’s proud high school, which continues to pave the way in Jewish education.

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