Wednesday, August 12, 2020

WDS fourth graders are hard at work. (Credit: WDS)

The Lego Challenge has students very excited.(Credit: WDS)

WDS students plan their 3-D model. (Credit: WDS)


With 21,000 Legos in colorful piles around the room, Westchester Day School students undertook a menorah Lego challenge in the days leading up to Chanukah. Under the direction of Rabbi Daniel Schwechter, student activities coordinator and middle school rebbe, students in grades one through eight learned the halachot of kosher and travel menorahs and then were tasked with one of four activities. With the Legos at their disposal some students chose an engineering task: to build the tallest possible menorah, which also needed to be structurally sound enough to hold candles. Others used problem solving to create “build up—break down” menorahs, a challenge that charged them with using a specific number of Legos to build a menorah appropriate for each night of Chanukah. Others were able to use their artistic side to either turn a 2-D Chanukah picture into 3-D or to build the most creative halachic menorah they could conceptualize. In addition to creative play and experiential education, the activity also fostered a sense of community throughout Westchester Day School, with grades partnered up to collaborate on the building. Rabbi Daniel Schwechter, who coordinated the activity, explained, “Seeing the students working together to bring halacha to life in a fun and creative way was the ultimate Chanukah learning experience.”

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