Wednesday, August 05, 2020

TABC ran a multi-tiered late night learning program, one for eighth graders and one for its current talmidim. Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam led off the program for the current talmidim with a Chanukah shiur. The two programs then intersected, as the TABC talmidim helped the visiting eighth graders prepare mekorot for a shiur by Rabbi Malitzky. Many TABC rebbeim were there as well, to act as both a resource and source of encouragement. After Rabbi Malitzky’s shiur, the eighth graders continued with an enjoyable night of cholent, Dougie’s and sports. Simultaneously, the current TABC talmidim heard shiurim from rabbis Nachbar and Blau, continuing the theme of inyanei Chanukah. They, too, concluded their night with Dougie’s and sports.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the talmidim to showcase the warmth that is felt among all ages and grades in TABC and show the eighth graders how a TABC talmid prepares for a chag with serious limud haTorah.

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