Thursday, August 13, 2020

Rabbi Joshua Lookstein, head of school; Susan Chasan, director of early childhood; Michael Nachmani, chairman and Josh Trump, president(Credit: Michael Turek)

Honorees Rinat and Rafi (WDS ’92) Kalman (Credit: WDS)

Honorees Nancy and Ari (WDS ’87) Weinberger(Credit: WDS)

Honorees Sarah Meyers Sadinoff (WDS ’84) and Kenny Sadinoff(Credit: WDS)


Westchester Day School was proud to celebrate its 69th anniversary dinner on Saturday night, January 7, at the Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle. The dinner’s theme, mi dor l’dor (from generation to generation) applauded the involvement and commitment of alumni parents Rinat and Rafi (WDS ’92) Kalman, Sarah Meyers Sadinoff (WDS ’84) and Kenny Sadinoff, and Nancy and Ari (WDS ’87) Weinberger. The dinner also honored Susan Chasan, director of early childhood, who will be retiring at the end of the school year after 33 years at Westchester Day School, and is herself an alumni parent and grandparent. WDS friends, alumni and current eighth graders were excited to have the opportunity to pay tribute to the dedication and hard work of these deserving honorees.

Rabbi Joshua Lookstein, head of school, reflected on the morning’s parsha, Vayigash, and the theme of relationships. “Yehudah and Nachshon were reluctant leaders, only stepping forward when the need was great rather than from ego or self-service,” said Rabbi Lookstein, and then went on to explain, “Modern day Yehudahs are dinner honorees who step forward for the sake of an institution. This year, we honor three couples and a long-time professional who all stepped forward for the sake of WDS and because of the unique multi-generational relationships they have had with the institution.” Josh Trump, president of WDS, described Westchester Day School as “an institution that we value…as a model of menshlichkeit, a center of excellence, an alma mater, a community fixture and a multi-generational second home,” and the honorees as “the combined best of the input and the output that WDS has to offer.”

The dinner is a highlight of the year and an opportunity to celebrate the rich tradition of excellence at Westchester Day School. Trump highlighted some of the advances that have been made this year, including a stronger Ivrit (Hebrew language) curriculum, new reading skills programs, an enhanced learning center and a new state of the art playground and middle-school STEM program. He also spoke about the Chasing Wonder Fund, a recently formed permanent endowment in honor of Susan Chasan to enhance early childhood programming for generations to come.

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