Thursday, September 21, 2017

SAR High School’s sixth floor was abuzz with 120 senior exploration presentations during the week of May 22. Senior students delivered phenomenal 25 minute presentations on their 50 hours worth of work. There were many memorable presentations, including Jesse Blumenfeld’s glass harp instrumental and vocal performance (a YouTube sensation); Ayelet Rubenstein’s portraits of six SAR seniors; Yair Slasky and Hank Stein’s SAR High School all-everything app; Sophie Hecht’s SAR cookbook; Batya Bousbib’s examination of religiosity among the SAR seniors; Shabbi Kestenbaum’s running for mayor of New York City and many, many others. While these creative projects were astounding, many seniors had amazing fieldwork experiences, including shadowing physicians, hedge fund managers, lawyers, teachers and many more. One student even worked closely with a beekeeper! The list goes on and on. There was also a first in SAR history: Ben May was on-call with Hatzolah during his senior exploration presentation and had to leave his presentation to take the call, something he spent 50 hours doing the previous five weeks. All in all, SAR is incredibly proud of the final assignment that the Class of 2017 completed. They were absolutely amazing!

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