Monday, June 25, 2018

Adi and Ofir Yarhi

Tal Ambar

Sivon Alkobi

The love of Israel will once again envelop the campus of Bi-Cultural Day School this fall, thanks in large part to the arrival of a new group of Israeli emissaries. As they do every year, the shlichim and Bnot Sherut will bring the beauty of the Jewish state and a pride in our shared Jewish heritage to the hearts and minds of the Stamford schools students.

Shlichim Adi and Ofir Yarchi have arrived in Stamford from their home in Jerusalem, their three young children in tow. When the school’s doors swing open in September, Adi will assume her new role as BCDS’ third grade Jewish studies teacher; Ofir as middle school Jewish studies teacher. In addition, the couple will be key players in planning the school’s many Israel-related and Jewish holiday programs.

The academic and professional backgrounds of both Yarchi’s suggest they couldn’t be more prepared for what lies ahead.

Adi Yarchi holds a bachelor’s degree in Education, Special Education and Arts from Tel Chai College and a teacher’s certificate in Special Education from the Lifshitz College of Education. She is currently studying towards her master’s in Educational Consultancy. She has extensive experience as an elementary and middle school teacher, working with children with a broad spectrum of academic abilities, has prepared her well for her new role.

An educational psychologist with a master’s degree in psychology from Hebrew University, Ofir Yarchi also holds a bachelor’s degree and teacher’s certificate in Oral Torah and Hebrew Literature from Yaakov Hertzog College. In addition to his experience as a middle and high school teacher, he served as an intern educational psychologist for the regional council of Gush Etzion and at the Ilan Therapy Center for Kids and Teens.

Like the Yarchis, Tal Ambar and Sivon Alkobi will bring Israeli culture, history and tradition—and a whole lot of Israeli “ruach” (spirit)—into the BCDS classroom, thus strengthening the connection between students (and their families) and the Jewish state.

Part of a program called “Bnot Sherut,” Tal and Sivon have chosen to complete the second year of their two-year national service by volunteering at the Stamford school. The scope of their responsibilities include everything from tutoring students in Hebrew language to coordinating the school’s holiday curriculum to accompany eighth-graders on their month-long trip to Israel.

A resident of Petach-Tikvah, Tal completed her first year of national service working in a youth village, helping new immigrants and at-risk children and teens.

A native of New Jersey, Sivon made aliyah in 2009, settling with her family in Haifa. She completed her first year of national service in Jerusalem, working in a school and in a youth club for at-risk children.

Associate Principal Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger, who oversees the BCDS Israeli emissary program, stresses the impact the emissaries have on the BCDS family…and beyond.


“The shlichim and bnot sherut bring Israel to life both on and off campus,” says Rabbi Jaeger. “And they serve as role models in how they live their lives and how they open their hearts and their homes to the Stamford community. I am inspired and excited to work with such an  exceptional cadre of new staff.”

By Judie Jacobson


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