Friday, October 19, 2018

The children in Stein Yeshiva’s early childhood department held a siyum to celebrate completing sefer Bereishit. The yeladim were so excited to demonstrate their knowledge of this week’s parsha. The older children knew the name of the parsha as well as the main story line. The Threes proudly told about Yaakov’s 12 sons while the fours demonstrated Yaakov’s bracha to Ephraim and Menashe by crossing their hands. Each class sang songs celebrating the Torah and love of Hashem. Even the twos knew “Torah, Torah!” Then all of the yeladim said mezonot before eating a small treat.

The true highlight of the siyum was looking at a real sefer Torah. The children discovered that all of the parsha stories that they learn every week are written right there in the sefer Torah. Each child had the opportunity to look inside the Torah, to hold the yad and to search for the first letter of their name. Todah rabba to the threes for their hachnasat orchim in hosting the siyum.


Earlier in the week, the children in the threes class dramatized the parsha by giving each other a bracha, just like Yaakov. They bentched each other that they should have good food, learn Torah and have monster trucks!

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