Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Kinneret Enjoys Sukkot And Simchat Torah

Through song, dance, apple picking and middle school chavruta, KDS celebrated Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

TABC Loves Simchat Torah

For the fifth consecutive year, TABC was proud to host its students for Simchat Torah. Approximately 100 boys, some from the Teaneck area and others staying at their classmates’ homes for the chag, walked over to the yeshiva on Monday afternoon for Mincha, followed by a shiur by Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam. As the sun set and Simchat Torah

Stein Yeshiva Celebrates Sukkot

The yeladim of the Stein Yeshiva early childhood had great fun investigating and exploring the chag of Sukkot! The children were totally engrossed in the experience of shaking the lulav and etrog in different ways and singing songs and reading stories about the holiday. The yeladim especially enjoyed painting

Westchester Torah Academy Does Chesed On Chol Hamoed 

Following a beautiful tefillah and Hallel b’tzibbur, the WTA middle school boarded buses departing for Fleetwood Synagogue in Mount Vernon. Once there, they enjoyed lunch in the synagogue’s sukkah, where Rabbi Daniel Rosenfelt gave a thoughtful talk to the students. He pointed out that there’s an obvious

Fifth Grade STEM Launches at SAR

Building on last year’s success with the integration of the STEM and science curriculum in the fifth grade, SAR Academy is committed to further strengthening the STEM opportunities provided to its students. In addition to science and math classes, fifth graders were excited to hear that they would have two dedicated STEM periods per week in

WDS Eighth Grade Goes on Amazing Trip

The annual eighth grade trip to Club Getaway is one that every eighth grader at WDS looks forward to. This year was no exception as the class ventured out to the beautiful grounds last week on Chol Hamoed Sukkot with Morah Ronit, Miss Roode, Rabbi Wexler and Mrs. Ament. Rabbi Lookstein and Morah Rachel Goldman also joined

Music and Movement Is Fun at Stein Yeshiva Daycare

Stein Yeshiva is thrilled to announce the addition of music and movement classes in the early childhood, as well as in the daycare infant and toddler rooms. Music and movement classes are led by independent dance and movement instructor, Kara Tatelbaum of Riverdale. The classes incorporate song, rhythm, dance,

WDS Collaborates on Nature-Inspired Art Work

This week, the after school art club explored the beautiful grounds of WDS and created nature sculptures, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s artwork. He is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures situated in natural settings. Working in small groups, they discussed

RYNJ Gets Ready For Parshat Noach

In connection to learning about Parshat Noach, Green Meadows Farm visited RYNJ. RYNJ yeladim had the best time petting and playing with the adorable animals. Srudents welcomed baby chickens, llamas, goats, cows and rabbits just to name a few. Thank you to the amazing PTA for sponsoring this program.


Frisch Seniors Hear YU Ideas Panel on Reinventing the Self

Yeshivat Frisch seniors had the opportunity to hear from a panel of three Yeshiva University professors—a philosopher, a therapist and an expert in Jewish mysticism—discuss the concept of “Reinventing the Self” on Monday. Panelists included Dr. Daniel Rynhold (Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies), Dr. Debbie

Bill Jackson Visits RYNJ

Bill Jackson, world renown Singapore math specialist and author of the Dimensions Math textbook, visited RYNJ this week to train and coach teachers in the elementary school. Jackson has been working with RYNJ since last year and will continue to help us as we implement Singapore Math in a math workshop format.

Carmel Academy Opens Expanded Lending Library

In ancient times, libraries were often treated with a reverence akin to that shown to temples. Even today, most of us can remember at least one instance of feeling a sense of awe when walking into a beautiful, quiet space surrounded by thousands of books. To ensure that all Carmel students are able to savor this unique experience

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