Wednesday, October 23, 2019


WDS Third Grade Celebrates Completion of Chayei Sarah

The third grade finished learning parshat Chayei Sarah in Chumash! To celebrate, the class hosted a wedding for Yitzchak and Rivka who met and married in parshat Chayei Sarah. Morah Abi and Morah Elisheva played the roles of Rivka and Yitzchak and the students acted as guests at

Expert in Palestinian Affairs Addresses Stamford Teens

“I am a proud Palestinian,” Bassam Eid told a group of more than 40 students at the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Upper School (BCHA) in Stamford one recent afternoon.

Eid, an internationally renowned political analyst,

Westchester Torah Academy Holds Immigration Fair

The first WTA Immigration Fair was a great success. The night began with beautiful chavruta learning and continued with middle school “docents” impressing all in attendance with their remarkable presentations of their family history. The goal of the immigration project was for

MTA Joins Teach NYS on Mission to Albany

On Tuesday, March 12, MTA joined Teach NYS on its mission to Albany to lobby for STEM education funding. MTA’s delegation was introduced on the assembly floor by Assemblywoman Carmen De la Rosa and met with many leaders, including Washington Heights Assemblyman Al Taylor and MTA alumnus Josh

MDS Students Celebrate Chagigat Rashi

All year, kitta gimmel has been focusing on learning Rashi and this learning impresses upon the students to always seek deeper meanings to life. At the French cafe themed Chagigat Rashi on Friday and Monday, students and parents engaged in a beautiful intergenerational moment of mesorah, a learning

SINAI at SAR Students Get Their Siddurim

SINAI at SAR students proudly celebrated a siddur presentation ceremony. Whether students were receiving a siddur for the first time or not, all of them joined in the celebration. Some students gave short speeches which included an idea from the tefillah unit that they have been

Read Across Westchester Day School

That’s exactly what WDS did this week and what an amazing and inspiring few days it’s been! Mystery Reader Bingo brought the voices of various educators all reading favorite poems, short stories, recipes and songs. Students in all grades were treated to guest readers in their

Stein Yeshiva Does Mitzvot With All Its Heart

The students in Stein Yeshiva’s middle school are part of the nationwide yeshiva Rosh Chodesh Project. Each month there is a very entertaining video presentation with follow-up activities to encourage young people in their avodat Hashem in a real and practical way. This month’s topic is “Hashem Wants

Kitah Alef Students at WTA Receive Their First Siddurim

On Sunday, March 3, kitah alef entered a room full of family and friends with wide smiles and hands clapping in honor of their Chagigat HaSiddur. The audience was led through a day in the lives of students—highlighting the different aspects of tefillah throughout their day. The performance was also intertwined with beautiful songs and

Carmel Academy Students Delve Into Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, Carmel Academy’s students learned about the contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout our nation’s history.

Each morning throughout the month, as students entered school, they were greeted with an informative slide and

WDS Fourth Grade Creates Interactive Collages to Illustrate Brachot

As WDS prepares for the Bracha Bee, the fourth grade students each received a bracha rishona to research. Using various tools in the classroom such as bracha packets, the computer and their chavrutot, the students created posters spelling out the name of their assigned bracha using pictures of foods that

Bi-Cultural Upper School Sends a Delegation to YU Model UN

Last week, the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy upper school’s Model United Nations team participated in the 29th annual Yeshiva University National Model United Nations Conference. The BCHA upper school team joined more than 425 students from 48 Jewish high schools from all across the country, as well as Canada, Brazil and South

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