Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Bi-Cultural to Screen Award-Winning Documentary ‘Operation Wedding’

Leningrad 1970. Denied exit visas from the Soviet Union, a group of young Jewish dissidents remained trapped behind the Iron Curtain—but they had a plan. A fantasy, really. As outrageous as it was simple: Under the pretense of being members of a wedding party, the group purchased all the tickets

WDS Professional Development Day Is Productive on MLK Day

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, teachers came to school to focus on professional development. A message of Martin Luther King Jr. was to humanize, rather than dehumanize, with the goal of creating a community of free people. WDS actualized that by learning about educating the

Kinneret Sixth Grade Writes Memoirs With Seniors

As part of the “Better Together” partnership, Kinneret sixth grade students visit their neighbors across the hall, the seniors of the Riverdale Senior Center. Over five sessions, the students and seniors get to know each other through creative projects, discussions and writing exercises. This

Sixth Grader at WTA Celebrates Siyum

On Friday, February 1, all of Westchester Torah Academy gathered in honor of Matan Marmer, a sixth grader at WTA, who made a siyum on Sefer HaChinuch. Together with his father, Marmer learned a mitzvah each day for nearly two years. This special accomplishment and moment of pride

WDS Celebrates Tefillah

The first graders of WDS received their own siddurim last Friday at Chag HaSiddur. In first grade, students are learning the mechanics and meaning of the tefillot and are beginning to form their own connections with tefillah and Hashem. At Chag HaSiddur, the students put on a

Bi-Cultural Upper School Students Create Documentaries With IWitness

Three students at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy-Upper School in Stamford became filmmakers recently, when they wrapped up a semester devoted to the study of Holocaust history with the production of three documentaries that shed a powerful light on different aspects of the Holocaust.

The Responsibility of Jewish Day Schools: Building Leaders 

As educators in an ever-changing world, we often ask ourselves what is the ultimate overarching goal of education. In over thirty years of experience, I have seen the details of this goal evolve, yet one principle remains steadfast.  We need to foster thoughtful, smart and truthful

Riverdale’s Beth Aharon Tackles Climate Change at Tu B’Shevat Seder

Congregation Beth Aharon, the Sephardic congregation of Riverdale, NY, celebrated the “birthday of the trees” of Tu B’Shevat at their annual seder, led by Rav Dov Lerea. The seder featured children planting herbs and flowers in small pots to take home, and

WDS Third Grade Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Day

The WDS third grade had an enlightening multi-sensory experience learning about the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The students first read about his life and contributions in a National Geographic book, “Martin Luther King, Jr.” They were amazed to learn how one

Kinneret Makes Tu B’Shevat Trees of Midot 

Kinneret 3rd and 4th grades with Ayelet Cogan embarked on a Tu B’Shevat project making a Midot Tree. After learning about tzedakah, chesed toward others and other concepts such as respect toward the environment and Eretz Yisrael, each child wrote his personal good deed done and represented it

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Receives Ignition Grant for New Middle School Tefillah Program

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy is the recipient of a $7,000 2019 Ignition Grant from the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) to support its recently launched Tefillah Curriculum for middle school students. JEIC Ignition Grants jump-start new or developing out-of-the-box programs that improve

Westchester Torah Academy Celebrates Tu B’Shevat

The halls of WTA on the Friday prior to Tu B’Shevat revealed each class preparing for the chag in its own special way.  The students learned the many traditions we have and celebrated by enjoying their own Tu B’Shevat seders in their

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