Monday, February 24, 2020


WDS Sixth Graders Explore Ancient Egypt

The sixth grade students studied Ancient Egypt with Miss Roode in social studies class. They started the unit by learning how to analyze primary and secondary source documents and how to plan and organize a DBQ essay that they wrote this week. Then, students explored the geography, achievements, history, government and culture of Egypt. The students eagerly

MTA Celebrates Chanukah

MTA talmidim enjoyed a whirlwind week of Chanukah celebrations and activities! The festivities included Maccabi Games, shiur vs. shiur Jeopardy, 11th and 12th grade shiur trips, ninth and 10th grade seudas with their rebbeim, a yeshiva-wide Chanukah swag contest, sports, a lively Chanukah chagiga, Chanukah auction

WTA Middle School Hosts Bat Mitzvah Night

In anticipation of one of the most profound Jewish rites of passage soon to occur in their young lives, middle school girls gathered together with their mothers, rabbis and morahs to learn about—and celebrate—the joys and responsibilities of becoming a bat mitzvah at WTA’s very first Bat Mitzvah Night!

WDS First Graders Begin Yisrael B’Chayai

Kitah aleph began their study of Yisrael by going through passport control and having their passports stamped. Once they settled into Eretz Yisrael, they used their map skills to find Yisrael on the world map. Each child was given a globe balloon to take home and find Israel and how far it is from New York. A great time was had by

Visitors Enjoy Chanukah at WTA

On December 23, grandparents and special visitors joined at Westchester Torah Academy for a special Chanukah celebration. Early childhood visitors enjoyed performances and activities with students in their classrooms, while lower school visitors joined for tefillah and Hallel b’tzibur. Afterwards, the entire

WDS Fourth Grade Creates Menorah Projects

After changing the clocks students noticed how dark it is outside by the time they get home! Fourth graders decided to “find the light” together and created a special project to see what lights up their lives to get ready for Chanukah! Each student created a chanukiyah with each of the flames representing something

Mordechai Shapiro Wows at RYNJ

The RYNJ PTA provided an incredible Chanukah chagiga for the entire school! The morning buzz started when every student was given an amazing WeRYNJ shirt. The boys were directed to go to the gym where they watched a beautiful performance by the RYNJ choir. Then Mordechai Shapiro took the stage and the excitement

MTA Dorm Is Home for Talmidim From Across the World

Talmidim from across the tri-state area, the country and the world, call the MTA dorm home during the school year and enjoy the warmth of the yeshiva’s dorm community. From shabbatons to Sunday afternoon trips, weekly family-style dinners and inspiring shiurim and chaburahs, there is a variety of meaningful programming for dorm

A Sofer Visits the Third Grade at WDS

The third grade has begun its study of Rashi script by discussing the origins of the print and how the invention of the printing press led to its use in printing Rashi’s commentary. The students have been thinking a lot about font and the origins of Hebrew writing in general. In conjunction with all of this

SAR Academy Hosts Fourth Annual Family STEM Day 

On Sunday, December 15, approximately 50 families gathered at SAR Academy for the school’s fourth annual Family STEM Day. This year’s Chanukah theme was woven into each activity and incorporated science, math, engineering, coding and robotics. The program was organized so that every family had an opportunity

Second Graders at Westchester Torah Academy Receive First Chumashim

Kitah Bet at WTA recently celebrated their Mesibat Chumash, a tremendous milestone they have been looking forward to reaching. Parents, grandparents and friends gathered at the Young Israel of White Plains for a performance as well as the opportunity to hear each student read directly from a sefer Torah. Each

WTA Snuggles In for PJ Melave Malka

Students and prospective students in first grade and under gathered in their PJs for a special melave malka at Westchester Torah Academy. After creating their own individual Havdalah sets, the children cozied up with a blanket and pillow for a fun musical Havdalah with the Rav Beit Sefer Rabbi Avi Hoffman and

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