Sunday, January 20, 2019


Leadership and Collaboration Shine Through in WDS School-Wide Chanukah Extravaganza

Building off of a famous YouTube video about a boy who created a cardboard box arcade several years ago, Caine’s Arcade, WDS first-eighth grade students created their own arcade games out of boxes and other household items. The

SAR HS Ninth Graders Swarm ‘The Hive’

The ninth grade had their first shabbaton in the SAR High School building—and what an incredible shabbaton it was!! The theme of Shabbat was “Who you Become,” which is part of the school’s tagline: “It’s not just what you learn. It’s who you become.” Discussion groups and words of Torah were all themed

Students at WTA Are Thankful for Their Teachers

The entire school gathered for a special morning tekes just before Thanksgiving break to give thanks to their teachers and staff in the school. Each teacher was called up to receive a poster made by their students with help from the banot sherut who run activities for each grade throughout the week. The teachers

Chanukah Festivities Abound at Stein Yeshiva

Chanukah is fast approaching and the Stein Yeshiva students are super excited for all the festivities. The little ones are exploring the concept of light and the menorah, while the older students are learning the halachos of Chanukah, while planning their chagigas. Stein Yeshiva’s early childhood is holding its

SAR HS AP Bio Students Visit Dolan DNA Learning Center 

Forty two SAR High School AP biology students visited the Dolan DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor, New York where they performed two labs: a restriction analysis and a bacterial transformation.

The restriction analysis lab involved cutting up viral DNA with bacterial enzymes. The

Kinneret Nursery Pays Tribute to Neighborhood Police

KDS preschool students focused on “helping hands” this past month. They invited heroes from the 50th precinct to thank them for their incredible service to the community.

MDS Students Visit the Met

MDS first graders visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art to continue their art education of artists such as Piet Mondrian and Vassily Kandinsky who use color theory and music to create their artwork. At the MET, the students learned about the artists Joel Shapiro and moved their bodies like the sculpture and Piet Mondrian and his

WTA Stands With Our Brothers and Sisters in Israel

In light of recent news from the south of Israel, each class at Westchester Torah Academy prepared a poster of support for our brothers and sisters. The school designated a special time to pray for those effected, and for the soldiers of Tzahal who protect them every day.

SAR Marks Kristallnacht and Veterans Day

On Monday, November 12, the high school was privileged to hear from Walter Spier in a joint Kristallnacht commemoration and Veterans Day program. Spier was born and spent his childhood in a small town in Germany and remembers the events of Kristallnacht in 1938. He survived the Holocaust and after liberation was helped and looked

RYNJ Gives Thanks

Wednesday, November 21, the day before Thanksgiving, was an extraordinary day for the RYNJ middle school. RYNJ student council decided that the theme for the second Kiddush Levana breakfast, would be giving thanks. Along with a delicious breakfast with some special treats, the greatest treat was the demonstration

WTA Fourth Graders Celebrate Mesibat Navi

Students at Westchester Torah Academy welcomed their families into a “living museum” of Jewish history where they portrayed different important figures and leaders within Neviim Rishonim. Families enjoyed a beautiful performance by the students which included songs sung in Hebrew as well as a fun Hebrew trivia

WDS Says Hello to Fall With a Nature Walk

On the first crisp autumn day, KH fell in love with nature on their first fall walk around the  gorgeous WDS campus. As scientists, they explored and examined leaves, pods, seeds, flowers and more. They used their eyes and magnifying glasses to enlarge small items. They delighted in the beautifully colored leaves. As part

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