Monday, February 24, 2020


WDS Fifth Grade Studies Immigration Unit With Parent Visitors

As part of fifth grade’s ongoing immigration study to prepare for the Heritage Fair, Nathalie Chorna (mother of fifth grader Ben Chorna) visited the class to speak about her own immigration experience.

Emigrating from France to the United States just a mere five and a half years ago,

WDS Community Middle School Watches Harriet Tubman’s Story

When a student’s education can connect to everyday life, magic happens! Mrs. Rivel and Ms. Roode planned a movie outing for all middle school students and families to see Harriet, the story of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. Thirty six WDS community members came together to witness one of

TABC Hosts Legendary Rav Gav Friedman

World-renowned speaker Rav Gav Friedman of Aish HaTorah addressed the TABC student body this past Monday, December 9, infusing an otherwise cold and dreary day with a jolt of excitement as students started off the week. Director of Student Activities R’ Yitz Rabovsky introduced the program by encouraging students to fully embrace

Students at Westchester Torah Academy Put Theory Of Relativity in Motion

After beginning their study of Einstein’s theory of relativity, middle schoolers learned that when the theory was developed, it changed how people understood Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. To demonstrate factors such as time and space, as well as the difference in perspective when one is in motion, the students used a

RYNJ Ushers in Chodesh Kislev

In honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev the talented RYNJ talmidot of third grade performed a musical that enacted the five decrees that the Greeks imposed on the Jews during the time of Chanukah. The girls danced and sang to the amazement of their schoolmates.

vWDS Fourth Grade Navi Play Is a Success

xMazal tov to the fourth grade on their amazing performance in the Navi play! The Navi play is an all Hebrew production that offers an overview of Sefer Neviim. The students told stories from each sefer of Navi such as entering the land with Yehoshua, Yael and Devorah defeating Sisera, Shmuel anointing King Shaul,

MTA Talmidim and Rebbeim Have a Blast At Freshman Night In

On Thursday, November 14, MTA freshmen enjoyed an incredible night in yeshiva with their rebbeim and senior Cub2Lion mentors. The evening kicked off with pizza and a dvar Torah, then the real fun began! Freshmen and their mentors broke into groups and strategized the best way to build boats out of cardboard boxes.

WDS Eighth Grade Begins ‘Names, Not Numbers©’ Program 

Last Friday was the opening session of “Names, Not Numbers©,” the year-long oral history and video-testimony program that will be facilitated by the eighth grade students. The eighth graders beautifully welcomed Tova Rosenberg, founder of the program to the school. The group then discussed the importance of

WTA Enjoys Fourth Annual New Rochelle Family Shabbaton

On December 6-7, WTA middle schoolers and local families gathered for the fourth annual shabbaton at Young Israel of New Rochelle. Over 150 people were graced with the presence of Rabbi Reuven and Rebbitzen Fink and Rabbi Chaim and Rebbitzen Axelrod for a delicious dinner followed by age appropriate activities for students

KDS Welcomes Wounded Tzahal Warriors for Honor Day

On Friday, November 15, Kinneret Day School welcomed a delegation of six wounded IDF soldiers. The group’s nine-day visit to the New York metro area included visits with local Jewish institutions in advance of Honor Day. This annual governmental observance, created six years ago by the Knesset to acknowledge wounded IDF soldiers

WDS Explores Heroes, Hooks, Heirlooms and...Finger Crocheting

The fifth grade welcomed author Faye Silton to their class after reading her novel, “Of Heroes, Hooks, and Heirlooms.” The students had many questions that were answered by the author, including, “What inspired her to write the book?” “How long did it take her to write it?” “Is the story based on

Seventh Grade Students at Westchester Torah Academy Explore Cultural Differences

How can stories about our differences bring us together? This is the essential question seventh grade students at WTA have been exploring this semester in their Cultural Narratives project. First, they read “Flying Lessons, and Other Stories” a collection of multicultural short stories edited by Ellen Oh.

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