Monday, February 24, 2020


AIPAC’s President-Elect Talks Israel Advocacy With Bi-Cultural Teens

Recently, the Israel Advocacy Club of Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy-Upper School hosted Betsy Berns Korn, president-elect of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), who spoke to students about her experience as an intern at AIPAC in 1989, when she first learned about the need to continually cultivate a strong

WTA Fourth Graders Celebrate Mesibat Navi

Fourth graders at Westchester Torah Academy reached an important milestone in their limudei kodesh this week, as parents, grandparents and guests joined to celebrate their Mesibat Navi. The theme this year was Sharsheret Hamesira, the beautiful commitment to transmit tradition from generation to generation. During

SAR Conducts Parent-Child STEM Workshop Initiative 

One of SAR Academy’s recent STEM initiatives is a workshop series geared toward fourth and fifth grade students and their parents. The goal for these workshops is to expose parents to the STEM skills that their children are learning in school as well as to encourage collaboration and engagement in STEM

WDS Second Grade Transportation Unit Is a Success

WDS second grade had an exciting week! They took a trip to visit Wings Air Helicopters at the Westchester County Airport. Students learned about helicopters as a mode of transportation and they were able to see firsthand the inside of a helicopter and learn about all of its parts and functions.

WDS Book Fair Welcomes Special Guest David Adler

David Adler, author of the Cam Jansen series, came to visit WDS as a special guest as the book fair. He spoke to the k-fifth grades about how he gets his ideas for his books and how writers can get ideas by observing everything that happens around them. Thank you to everyone involved in the book fair this

Grandfriends Visit All Week Long at Stein Yeshiva

In Parshat Vayera, Avraham and Sarah teach us the important mitzvah of hachnasat orchim, opening up our homes to guests. “What a wonderful opportunity this parsha provides us with then, to welcome in orchim and bring more intergenerational programming to our early childhood classrooms,” explains Stein

El Ami-El Atzmi Soldiers Visit Westchester Torah Academy

Middle schoolers at Westchester Torah Academy were honored with a visit from representatives of the Israeli organization “El Ami—El Atzmi.” Two former IDF soldiers each gave a stirring presentation to the students about their wartime experiences which, following horrific injuries, included near-miraculous

Kinneret Launches Girls Who Code

As part of Kinneret’s ongoing commitment to finding innovative ways to ensure the excellence of its education, the middle school is proud to offer Girls Who Code, an enrichment opportunity in STEM skills. Club facilitators, Cheryl Provorny and Allyson Israel, are challenging students with learning coding, technology and

Stein Yeshiva Nursery Has Noah’s Ark Parade 

In celebration of Parshat Noach, the yeladim of the Stein Yeshiva early childhood marched in and around the school building as they sang along to their favorite Noach’s ark parsha songs! The yeladim enjoyed reenacting the parsha as they marched along with animal toys brought in from home. As many of the children

WDS: We Do Sunrise

What a special morning! WDS parents, students and educators came together for a neitz minyan. Davening as the sun rose over the water was truly a “mah rabu ma’asecha” moment. #mahrabumoment

Bi-Cultural Students Welcome Torah Scroll

A joyous parade of students and faculty of the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy-Upper School celebrated in song and dance the arrival of a Torah scroll to the Stamford school on Thursday, Oct. 3.

The scroll was brought over to the upper school’s new home on Bi-Cultural’s main campus on High Ridge

WTA Students Love Writing

After listening to many different fiction picture books being read, second graders at Westchester Torah Academy quickly found a pattern among the stories. They articulated that every story starts with character development, including several details and a hint at a problem that the character will confront. Next a

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