Sunday, January 20, 2019


RYNJ Students Vote

Pre-k students voted on their favorite noodle shape: elbows vs. ziti. And the winner is...elbows! The children enjoyed a special winning-noodle lunch to celebrate the victory.

Bi-Cultural Students Send Messages of Comfort and Hope to Pittsburgh

In  the wake of the tragedy in PIttsburgh, students at Stamford’s Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy (BCHA) created Stars of Hope, painting wooden “stars” filled with heartfelt messages of kindness and understanding. The stars were then sent to members of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community to help comfort those grieving the

SAR HS Advisory Chesed Trips Hit the Ground Running 

There are so many opportunities for chesed at SAR. In addition to the multitude of chesed clubs and grade wide chesed activities throughout the year, every advisory also selects a day to go on a chesed trip together.

As part of the advisory chesed program, freshmen will volunteer at Manhattan

Carmel Students Explore the Life and Legacy of Yitzhak Rabin

The assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was a pivotal moment in the history of Israel and the Jewish people. For many Israeli and American Jews, the moment that Rabin was assassinated by Yigal Amir, a fellow Jew, left an indelible mark on their lives and on the consciousness of Israeli

Yeshivat Netzach/Westchester Torah Academy Holds First Annual ‘Lomdim Kulanu Yachad’ Learn-A-Thon

The excitement filled the hallways of WTA on Rosh Chodesh Kislev as students, teachers and the community began the day with a school-wide tekes and a musical Hallel b’tzibur that supporters were able to watch live. The ‘Lomdim Kulanu Yachad’ campaign featured rabbis and scholars from around the world sharing

WDS Hosts 11 High Schools for Eighth Grade High School Fair

Admissions representatives from 11 different high schools in the tri-state area participated in a High School Fair at Westchester Day School to offer a variety of options to the eighth grade graduating class. Together with various admissions directors, heads of schools traveled far-and-wide to promote themselves to WDS students.

SAR HS Offers Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

SAR HS students in Ora Meier’s AP art history class visited the Ancient Near East, Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek and Roman wings of the Metropolitan Museum. The visit focused on comparing each cultures funerary practices, materials and representations of political rulers and deities. It is a gift to have the opportunity to

Westchester Day School Celebrates Yom Sigd

This past Wednesday, Westchester Day School celebrated Yom Sigd—a holiday commemorating the safe arrival of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Slenate Mkonen and Inbar Frenkel, the Bnot Shlichut from Bnei Akiva at WDS prepared and facilitated an engaging and developmentally appropriate program for our

WTA Third Graders Study What MATTERS

Kitah gimmel at Westchester Torah Academy are enjoying an in depth exploration of the states of matter. Students conducted three experiments to help them better understand the distinct properties of solids, liquids and gases. How does matter change from one state to another? What are two less common states of

BCHA Israel Advocacy Club Leaders Attend AIPAC Leadership Institute

Leaders of the Israel Advocacy Club of Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy (BCHA) upper school recently attended the Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit, held at the end of October in Washington, D.C., where they had the opportunity to lobby members of Congress regarding pro-Israel legislation.

Kinneret CHEMDAT Program Brings Light to Riverdale

What can ordinary kids do to balance out the hate and negative energy that currently permeates the world? They can donate their time, effort and energy to making a small dent of positive change. Kinneret Day School seventh and eighth graders are working through their Jewish Life and Practices class to spread Jewish values in their

First Graders at Westchester Torah Academy Celebrate the Marriage of ‘Q’ and ‘U’

Students in first grade at WTA have finished reviewing the sounds and formation of the lower case letters that they learned in kindergarten. Part of this conclusion was the joyous marriage of the letters ‘q’ and ‘u.’ The teacher emphasized that these two letter are almost never found apart—they love each other

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