Monday, February 24, 2020


STEAM Program Is a Highlight at WDS Open House

At the WDS Open House this past week, Ms. Goldstein and Ms. Shapiro ran a STEAM program during which the students created a fall-themed project. Accompanied by Antonio Vivaldi’s violin concerto “Autumn” from the composer’s famous “Four Seasons,” the children made beautiful leaf prints with colorful

‘The Lion King’ Gets Set to Roar At Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy

The Pride Lands are headed to Stamford in December, when the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy presents three performances of the hit musical “The Lion King Jr.” Performances of this shortened version of the Broadway show will be held Dec. 12, 7 p.m., and Dec. 15, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Featuring a cast and crew of close to 50 students,

WTA First Graders Learn the Power of Practice

Kitah alef at Westchester Torah Academy has begun two new learning adventures. Students started to learn new spelling words and began their science curriculum. As a launch for both of these units, the class did a brain experiment to understand how humans learn through repetition, and why writing spelling words

Creating Intention Behind Netilat Yadayim for Rosh Chodesh at WDS

When we wash before we eat, we remember what happened in the Beit Hamikdash. For Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, the mitzvah of netilat yadayim, washing one’s hands before bread, was commemorated school-wide. Students learned about the intention behind the mitzvah cross-grades chavruta style, then worked together to

Stein Yeshiva Nursery Celebrates Torah Chagigah

On Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, the children of the early childhood celebrated the start of their parsha learning this year with an extra special chagiga celebration!

Where do our parsha stories come from? The Torah! Teacher Rabbi Lane brought out the school’s real sefer

David Takes on Goliath in Bi-Cultural Upper School Battle Bot

It was a fight to the finish at Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy upper school one recent afternoon, when two teams of Engineering 1 ‘Davids’ challenged two teams of Engineering 2 ‘Goliaths’ to a Battle Bot contest.

Organized by Dr. Paul Castle and William Berson, who teach the high school’s

Aerospace Engineer Speaks to SAR Fifth Graders

Dr. Yossi Meir, a senior lecturer at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and an engineer at RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. for more than 40 years, visited SAR to speak with fifth graders about his work in the field, and specifically, in the creation of the Iron Dome

WDS Fourth Grade Explores Landforms

Islands, volcanoes and archipelago, oh my! The fourth grade architects at WDS created 3D representations as part of their unit on exploring landforms! (An archipelago is a group of islands.)

Kinneret Enjoys Sukkot And Simchat Torah

Through song, dance, apple picking and middle school chavruta, KDS celebrated Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

TABC Loves Simchat Torah

For the fifth consecutive year, TABC was proud to host its students for Simchat Torah. Approximately 100 boys, some from the Teaneck area and others staying at their classmates’ homes for the chag, walked over to the yeshiva on Monday afternoon for Mincha, followed by a shiur by Rabbi Raphi Mandelstam. As the sun set and Simchat Torah

Stein Yeshiva Celebrates Sukkot

The yeladim of the Stein Yeshiva early childhood had great fun investigating and exploring the chag of Sukkot! The children were totally engrossed in the experience of shaking the lulav and etrog in different ways and singing songs and reading stories about the holiday. The yeladim especially enjoyed painting

Westchester Torah Academy Does Chesed On Chol Hamoed 

Following a beautiful tefillah and Hallel b’tzibbur, the WTA middle school boarded buses departing for Fleetwood Synagogue in Mount Vernon. Once there, they enjoyed lunch in the synagogue’s sukkah, where Rabbi Daniel Rosenfelt gave a thoughtful talk to the students. He pointed out that there’s an obvious

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