Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Carmel Academy Students Receive Hands-on Lesson From a Sofer

Carmel Academy’s second grade Chumash studies were brought to life with a visit from a sofer (scribe). The visit was part of the students’ Chumash learning, as they experienced what a Torah is made from, how the ink for writing a Torah is prepared, what is used to write a Torah and many other interesting and

Bi-Cultural Son and Mom Co-Author Two Children’s Books

Aaron Liebskind, a seventh grader at Bi-Cultural Day School, and his mother Illana Barran, have taken the adage, “Like mother, like son” to a new and literary level as they have recently teamed together to publish two children’s books, each with a unique focus, meaning and audience.

WTA Shows Off New Campus

Westchester Torah Academy has cut the red ribbon, so to speak, on its brand new campus. Located just off Stratton Road in New Rochelle, the new campus had a groundbreaking open house event in early December that served the community, prospective parents, WTA families and special guests. More than 200 people

SAR Academy Families Gather for STEM Family Challenge Day

On Sunday, December 4, over sixty families gathered at SAR Academy for the school’s very first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Family Challenge Day. Led and created by SAR Academy’s Director of Science Curriculum and STEM Initiative, Dr. Chaya Fine, and assisted by teacher and

MTA Seniors Visit Hebrew Home at Riverdale

Over the last few weeks, several groups of MTA seniors have been traveling to Riverdale to volunteer at the Hebrew Home nursing facility. Each group was initially given a tour of the home and its Derfner Judaica Museum, containing a large collection of art—much of which has been created by the home’s own residents.

TABC Brings Warmth, Ruach and Limud HaTorah to Riverdale

TABC enjoys several community shabbatonim throughout the year. Last Shabbat, 60 talmidim participated in the Riverdale shabbaton, together with their rebbeim, Rabbi Yablok, Rabbi Malitzky, Rabbi Rich, Rabbi Yoni Mandelstam and Rabbi First.

After eating wonderful meals in their hosts’

Gan Miriam Early Learning Center Helps Feed the Hungry

The Gan Miriam annual food drive was very successful, thanks to the children and their families who donated nonperishable food.

Linden, a driver for City Harvest, came to pick up the donations. He thanked the children for the amazing job they did and explained to the children how the

Carmel Academy’s Eighth Grade Delves Into Afro-Caribbean Music

On a recent afternoon Carmel Academy’s music room came alive as a group of eighth graders drummed on the congas, shook maracas, strummed guiros, struck clavas and joyously danced the Cuban-born Cha-Cha-Cha.

The students were bringing together their new knowledge about

Wounded Soldier Shares Powerful Story With Carmel Academy Students

Carmel Academy warmly welcomed Ohad Roisblatt, a former IDF commander, who spoke with the school’s seventh and eighth graders as part of a week-long series of “Honor Days”—where wounded Israeli soldiers visited schools and synagogues throughout the region.

Roisblatt spoke with Carmel’s

History Comes Alive for Westchester Day School Seventh Graders

As part of the exciting middle school STEM curriculum, Westchester Day School seventh grade students had an opportunity to tour Thomas Edison’s laboratory at the National Historical Park in New Jersey. In addition to the STEM component, the trip included a historical piece, transporting students back in time to learn

SAR’s Dr. Mark Shinar to Start Progressive School in Israel

Riverdale—Dr. Mark Shinar, the director of general studies at SAR, will be making aliyah this summer to embark on an educational adventure with the founding of a new groundbreaking school.

Dr. Shinar has been part of the SAR Academy family for over a decade, where he began his career in 1999

Math Comes Alive at Carmel Academy

On a recent afternoon, Carmel Academy’s faculty headed to the school’s athletic field, laced up their sneakers and ran a quarter mile while being cheered on by the entire student body.

The run was all in the name of math—a way to kick off a school-wide graphing project and one of

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