Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Manhattan Day School Students Call the White House

The third graders (Kitta Gimmel) at Manhattan Day School, made a very important phone call to the White House with the purpose of directly speaking to President Obama himself.

The students dialed 202-456-1111, the White House Comments Line, and waited

Bi-Cultural Screens Film and Hosts IDF Commander

On Tuesday, September 13th, Israel Defense Force (IDF) First Lt. Eden Adler visited Bi-Cultural Day School, sharing his experiences as an Israeli military officer and discussing his involvement with a movie detailing a soldier’s life.

Bi-Cultural middle-school students viewed the full-feature

RYNJ Takes Sixth Graders on a Team Building Trip

RYNJ 6th grade students enjoyed a thrilling trip to Camp Vacamus where they spent the day absorbed in exciting and engaging team building activities. The students were faced with many challenges that could only be accomplished through teamwork, planning and communication. With each challenge the students faced, they

Stein Yeshiva Presents Open House Week

Prospective parents are invited to visit Stein Yeshiva on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th through Veteran’s Day, Friday, Nov. 11 th from 9:00-11:30 am. Stein Yeshiva schedules an Open House Week during the actual yeshiva day to allow parents to visit the school and see the program. The best way to decide if Stein Yeshiva is a fit for

Rabbi Dr. JJ Schacter and Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg Present Special Centennial Kollel Yom Rishon

On Sunday morning, October 9th, hundreds traveled through the rain to participate in a special Aseres Y’mei Teshuvah themed Abraham and Millie Arbesfeld Kollel and Midreshet Yom Rishon that was held in partnership with YU’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) and boys high school (MTA), which is celebrating its

TABC Students Build Sukkot for Those in Need

Sixteen of TABC’s talmidim prepared for Rosh Hashana by helping others. On Erev Rosh Hashanah, in conjunction with the organization [email protected], TABC volunteers assembled three sukkot for the elderly and people with disabilities. The boys acted like bnei Torah, as they were kind and sensitive to the homeowners

Rabbi Noson Labovitz Joins Stein Yeshiva

Stein Yeshiva is pleased to welcome Rabbi Noson Labovitz as Associate Principal. Rabbi Labovitz received his semicha and a BTL from Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood and an MTL from Toras Simcha Institute, Jerusalem, Israel. He comes to the yeshiva with a rich experience in teaching and curriculum development. In addition to his duties

Bi-Cultural Parents Go Back to School

Back to school night usually involves parents listening and learning about their child’s daily schedule and activities. On Wednesday, September 14th, Bi-Cultural Day School took this one step further as parents in the Early Childhood program listened and learned—and created, crafted and played during its annual back to school

Stein Yeshiva Prepares for Rosh Hashanah

At Stein Yeshiva’s Early Childhood Center the children experienced the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Rosh Hashanah. Using an engaging multi-sensory approach, the children prepared for the upcoming yomtov.

Bi-Cultural Celebrates Literary Birthday With Special Visit

On Friday, September 16th, Bi-Cultural Day School’s Pre-K class received a special visit from the world-famous literary character, Curious George in celebration of the character’s 75th birthday. In a unique author study tied in with the character’s anniversary, Pre-K head teacher Alice Andersen used the book series to teach

Carmel Academy’s Students and Faculty Enjoy First Day of School

Carmel Academy celebrated its first day of school on September 6th. The entire faculty and staff greeted new and returning students with cheers, hugs and even a clown! The day was capped with Carmel Academy’s Annual Opening Ceremony, which included greetings from Head of School Nora Anderson, an introduction to the

From Parent to President: Bi-Cultural Welcomes David Pitkoff as Board President

Bi-Cultural Day School recently elected David Pitkoff as the incoming president of the board of trustees, replacing Robert Zitter, who served in this role for six years. Pitkoff, a partner in a CPA and financial-services firm, is a devoted community volunteer, having served on Bi-Cultural’s board of trustees for the past 12

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