Monday, September 25, 2017


Stein Yeshiva Enjoys Pre-Purim Fun

On Sunday March 5, Stein Yeshiva’s PTA held a festive pre-Purim costume party at the North East Jewish Center. The children made chocolate, strawberry and apricot hamantashen by rolling, pinching and filling the dough; parents and children made masks using various materials; and

Bi-Cultural Chess Team Makes an Impressive Move

The Bi-Cultural Day School chess team took an impressive third place overall in the NECA (National Educational Chess Association) Chess Tournament, held February 5 at Stamford’s Italian Center. Team members Nathan Tadiashvilli, Gabriel Haron and Eric Kwalwasser were among 75 students hoping to shout out “checkmate.” In

MTA Honors College Is Fascinated by Einstein Epidemiologist

On Thursday, February 23, Yeshiva University High School for Boys’ (MTA) Honors College was privileged to hear a presentation from Dr. H. Dean Hosgood Ph.D., M.P.H., a noted professor at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, on the topic of epidemiology. Dr. Hosgood introduced students to the field of epidemiology in general,

New Bi-Cultural Day School Program Speaks to the Heart

The notion that Judaism is a way of life that is carried in one’s heart—that its core values and foundational concepts must become a part of life for children so that they may be guided by them as adults—is the catalyst behind a unique program introduced this year at Bi-Cultural Day School.

WDS Turns Upside Down for Purim

Westchester Day School Middle School celebrated the lead-up to Purim with an amazing night of project based learning, collaboration and Purim spirit. The theme of this year’s v’nahafoch hu program was the Beit Hamikdash, as Purim is the holiday that occurred between the first and second Beit

Manhattan Day School Israel Advocacy Team Presents ‘What Can You Do for Israel?’

On Wednesday, February 15, the MDS Student Israel Advocacy team presented “What Can You Do For Israel?”

Topics included Israel: The Legitimate Sovereign, presented by Avital Feuerstein; Erroneous Allegations Against the IDF, by Rachel Halpern;

SAR Model UN Team Wins at YUNMUN XXVII

Mazal tov to SAR’s Model UN team, which won for the fourth consecutive year at YUNMUN XXVII. Individual team members also took home seven Best Delegate awards and two honorable mentions. The team members are Ayelet Rubenstein, Nate Katz, Noah Lang, Miriam Stern, Eva Ingber, Tamar Geller, Sarah Bolnick, Zevi Siegel, Lia Solomon,

WDS Celebrates Tu B’Shevat With a Focus on Blessings

Tu B’Shevat at Westchester Day School is used as an opportunity, through project based learning, for students and faculty to focus on appreciating all the blessings they have in their lives. This year, that goal was accomplished primarily through a focus on brachot in different ways throughout the school. At the beginning of the month of

Carmel Academy Middle School Band Spreads Its Wings

If people haven’t yet heard of Angels & Prophets, they may be downloading one of the band’s songs in the near future.

What began as a musical outlet for a group of Carmel Academy’s students has turned into perhaps one of the first-ever middle school Jewish rock bands. Angels &

Chabad Preschool Offers New Full Day Option for Westchester Working Parents

Chabad’s Alef Bet Preschool, 1228 North Avenue in New Rochelle, will offer both early care and after care hours beginning in Fall 2017.  The school opened In 2014.

“Alef Bet’s mission is to empower children to explore ideas in an emotionally safe environment,” said Rochel Butman, Director of the

Westchester Day School Students Explore the Revival of the Hebrew Language

Westchester Day School Middle School students celebrated Shavua Hasafa HaIvrit, which falls on the 21st day of Tevet, the birthday of Eliezer Ben Yehuda—the driving force behind the revival of the modern Hebrew language. As part of their curriculum about Jewish leaders, students learned about Eliezer Ben Yehuda’s

When the Smartphone Has the Opposite Effect

Author’s note: This article is a slightly adapted excerpt from a speech I gave at the Young Israel of New Rochelle on Shabbat, January 14. The context was the interaction that Jacob, our forefather, had with his children at the end of his life. While it does not directly deal with an educational

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