Wednesday, May 22, 2019


WTA Holds Shomrei Torah Sixth Annual Event

On Sunday evening, February 24, over 250 guests gathered at Westchester Torah Academy for the annual Shomrei Torah event. The night began with a beautiful song performance by the fourth grade, followed by the program dedication celebrating the school, its upcoming building and this year’s honorees, yekirei WTA:

MTA Color War Highlights Teamwork and Unity

Color war at MTA gave each and every talmid an opportunity to showcase their strengths and contribute to the fantastic energy. From Chidon HaTanach to grade-wide dodgeball, basketball, hockey, frisbee and soccer tournaments, chess competition, Chopped, STEM challenge, extreme Tic-Tac-Toe, Torah Bowl, yeshiva-wide

WDS Seventh Grade Expresses Hebrew as Israel’s Unified Language

Seventh grade students created posters to present to peers the importance of learning and speaking in Hebrew. One argument was that one nation should speak in one language to be unified. Another argument was that speaking in the language of the Torah strengthens one’s love for the Torah. Students enjoyed convincing and arguing

WDS Third Grade Enjoys Rainforest Adventures in Art and Music

Third grade students spent several weeks exploring the rainforest, learning about different tribes, studying the climate and researching its wildlife. The children wrote detailed animal reports, beautiful poems and fictional accounts of a child’s life in the rainforest. In art, they studied colorful paintings of

SAR High School Model UN Team Earns Best Delegation for Sixth Straight Year

SAR High School Model UN team places first as Best Delegation for the sixth year in a row!

SAR took first place at the Yeshiva University Model United Nations convention. This international event draws nearly 450 high school students from 42 schools across the United States and Canada,

Stein Yeshiva Has Fun Winter Camp

Many families travel and go away for vacation during the yeshiva winter break. For students who do not go away, Stein Yeshiva offers a fun and unique opportunity to attend winter camp right at school! The Stein Yeshiva Winter Camp runs a fun week of fun and engaging programming

WDS Takes First Place in Debate Match

Westchester Day School won first place at its second debate match of the academic year, in the yeshiva middle school debate league. The entire debate team did an incredible job preparing for the meet and made WDS very proud.

MTA Supports Sharsheret Pink Day

MTA talmidim, rebbeim and faculty were proud to support Sharsheret Pink Day on Wednesday, February 13, and raised more than $500 for Sharsheret’s vital programs and services.


WDS Third Graders Learn How to be Astronauts

 Third grade junior astronauts participated in a very unique science program called B.L.A.S.T., Building and Learning Around Science and Technology at the Buehler Challenge and Science Center in New Jersey. Teamwork was the theme as the students learned how astronauts live and work in space. Using a hands-on approach, the

MTA Represents China At YUNMUN

After months of intense preparation, fifteen MTA talmidim participated in the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations, which was held on Sunday, February 10, through Tuesday, February 12. The conference, located at the Crowne Plaza in

Second Annual Student-Led Film Festival Coming to SAR HS

SAR High School will host the second annual Filmfest, in partnership with the nationally recognized LUNAFEST, on Monday, February 25, starting at 5:30 p.m. at SAR High School. Guests are invited to attend this exciting event, which was attended by

Stein Nursery Asks ‘How Full Is Your Bucket?’

The yeladim of the 3 year nursery at Stein Yeshiva want to know: Have you ever walked around with a bucket on your head? Buckets filled with what, you ask? Mitzvot and good midot, of course!

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