Sunday, January 20, 2019


SAR High School Hosts Open House

On Sunday morning, October 14, SAR High School held its annual Open House recruitment event for prospective ninth grade students and their parents. Over 825 students and their parents visited the campus for an introduction to the SAR High School experience. The two-part program was designed to give attendees a

Students at Westchester Torah Academy Learn Parshat Noach 

The first full week of school was the best way to see how thorough learning parshat hashavua can be! Kindergarteners noted similarities between Noach’s time on the ark to Christopher Columbus’ voyages across the Atlantic, while students in first grade learned about rainbows with the use of diffraction glasses. On

Greenburgh Nature Center Visits Stein Yeshiva

Just in time for parshat Noach! The children of the early childhood at Stein Yeshiva were treated to a very special petting zoo visit by the Greenburgh Nature Center. The children welcomed into their classrooms French Fry the dove, Speedy the turtle, Nova the rabbit, and Velcro the bearded dragon! The children

Carmel Academy Students Connect With Ancient Jewish Traditions

Carmel Academy students got their hands dirty and their toes wet as they experienced the rituals surrounding the Hebrew month of Tishrei.

In the days leading up to Rosh Hashana, Carmel Academy’s sixth grade students spent the afternoon with Rabbi Schneur Wilhelm, who teaches about the

Bi-Cultural Holds Informational Meeting for Gifted Youth Summer Program 

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) summer program for pre-college students is coming to the campus of Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy in Stamford in the summer of 2019.

Students and parents are invited to learn more about CTY at an information session to be held Tuesday, Oct. 23, 7 p.m., at

Middle Schoolers at WTA Begin Elective Classes

One of the exciting aspects of being in middle school is the ability to choose your own elective courses. Last week, students in fifth and sixth grades, Westchester Torah Academy’s first middle schoolers, began their own electives including cooking, yoga, science and athletics. One student remarked, “I liked

Kinneret Activities Take Off

With Krav Maga, art, Shakespeare and more, Kinneret co-curricular activities launches its drones.

Paying It Forward: Bi-Cultural Students Create Club Built on Hope

Like so many Americans, the students of Bi-Cultural Day School (now known as Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy, the newly-formed pre-k through grade 12 school created by the merger of Bi-Cultural Day School and the Jewish High School of Connecticut) were shocked and saddened by the senseless shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in

2-Year-Old Nursery at Stein Yeshiva Celebrates Sukkot

The children of the 2-year-old Nursery at Stein Yeshiva early childhood are busy getting ready and having fun learning about the upcoming chagim of chodesh Tishrei: Sukkot and Simchat Torah! The yeladim are shaking the lulav, smelling the esrog, preparing decorations to

Chag Sukkot Is Fun at Westchester Torah Academy

From the early childhood sukkot being built, to the middle school ensuring the school’s sukkah had all elements to make it kosher, the students at WTA prepared for the chag b’simcha! After learning the many mitzvot and customs to practice on Sukkot prior to the holiday, the

MTA Kicks Off Another Amazing Year of Learning With Mishmar Madness

MTA kicked off another amazing year of learning with Mishmar Madness, an optional learning program which takes place every other month after regular Thursday night mishmar. More than 130 talmidim participated in this incredible event, which included chaburahs with YU talmidim,

Kinneret’s First Grade Author Series Kicks Off

As the first grade curriculum begins their author exploration, students and teachers learn about concepts such as plot, theme and character through the work of Kevin Henkes.

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