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Bi-Cultural’s Eighth Graders Depart for Israel Experience 2016

On Monday, May 2, the weather was downcast, but the spirits were soaring as Bi-Cultural Day School’s eighth grade class embarked on their Israel Experience, a nearly month-long journey that they have been preparing for since kindergarten. The itinerary includes experiencing the many cultural and spiritual sights that

Westchester Day School Community Honors WDS Early Childhood in 5K Run

On Sunday May 22, Westchester Day School families, alumni and friends came out for the annual Sprint to the Sound 5K run/walk. This year’s 5K was in honor of the WDS Early Childhood program and teachers, and raised money for the construction of a new playground and hockey rink. Hundreds of people braved

Sophomores Debut Gradewide Project: The Frisch Museum of Contemporary History

New York City’s Museum Mile, European capital cities and now, West Century Road in Paramus.

Last week, the Frisch Museum of Contemporary History debuted to parents, friends and faculty of the sophomores. Visitors viewed the remarkable and informative exhibits on which students have

TABC Remembers the Legacy of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l

TABC marked Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l’s first yahrzeit with rebbeim who were his talmidim memorializing his ideas and his life. Rabbi Blau addressed the ninth grade minyan and stressed the primacy of Torah and yirat shamayim in Rav Lichtenstein’s life. Rav Nachbar invited Rav Moshe Taragin, a Ra”m at Yeshivat Har Etzion

MTA Celebrates Israel at 68

As the students arrived at Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) on Yom Ha’atzmaut, a special sense of ruach and simchah were in the air. Before concluding Shacharit with a song-filled Hallel, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Taubes addressed the student body about the privilege Jews have to visit, reside in and enjoy Israel at any

Ma’ayanot Students Follow the Signs of History

Almost all streets in Israel are named for famous Jewish Zionist leaders, dates or events, and in this Ms. Sarah Gordon saw an opportunity to reinforce, in a creative way, key elements of Zionist history for students in her modern Jewish history class.  For an exercise she titled “Israel Street Sign Challenge,” Ms.

RYNJ Students Implement Yad Leah Campaign

In the midst of the pre-Pesach whirlwind of April, RYNJ carved out time to help our brothers and sisters in Israel.

This past fall RYNJ’s eighth graders were tasked with selecting a chesed project for the year. The students were divided into groups that proposed various

Yom HaShoah: A Day of Meaning at Westchester Day School

On Thursday May 5, Westchester Day School students commemorated Yom HaShoah in a number of meaningful ways.

The Westchester Day School third grade was honored to participate in the Annual Westchester County-wide Yom HaShoah Holocaust Commemoration at the Garden of

SAR Middle School Students Measure Up to the Technion Jewish Day School Challenge

In April, Middle School students from SAR Academy entered the Technion Jewish Day School Challenge, created jointly by RAVSAK and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Their mission: to build a Rube Goldberg machine in the spirit of Pesach (and inspired by the intricate 2015 Technion Rube Goldberg machine). For the uninitiated,

Stein Yeshiva Students Make Personal Shoah Connections

On Yom Hashoah, the teachers and upper grade students at Stein Yeshiva explored the great tragedy of Churban Europa. They discussed current events and why certain actions evoke references to Nazi Germany. Rabbi Yoseph Cherns, Menahel, spoke about the importance of remembering and acknowledging the great heroism of the Jewish

RYNJ Launches Media Awareness Program

Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey’s annual Media Awareness program began this past week. The program, which continues for two weeks until Lag B’Omer, encourages students to turn off the media with the hope and expectation that they will understand that the lifestyles and trends depicted by television, movies and other

Frisch Commemorates Yom HaShoah With Dr. Moshe Avital

Frisch held a powerful Yom HaShoah program last Thursday attended by the entire student body. Dr. Moshe Avital, a survivor, author and well-renowned speaker, shared his experience before, during and after the Holocaust. After he spoke movingly, students helped light six memorial candles, and Rabbi Jonathan Schachter

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